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Shortcuts On the Path to Mainframe DevOps

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Mark Schettenhelm

Moving established mainframe development processes to DevOps can seem like a daunting task. Automation helps free developers from performing manual tasks and gain faster delivery while improving quality, but how can this be adopted at scale?

Often, Jenkins is used to build a pipeline from a base framework of webhooks and APIs, but alternatives such as GitHub Actions and Azure DevOps extensions have arrived.

Fortunately, each of these options can make implementation much easier than expected. I think of them as templates you can use that provide the functionality of an API, but without the need for the related coding. Each solution has its own name for these templates: Jenkins Plugins, GitHub Actions, and Azure DevOps Extensions. We at BMC are committed to your DevOps success and offer the following extensions to assist you in building your mainframe DevOps pipelines.

BMC AMI DevX Total Test

BMC AMI DevX Code Pipeline

BMC AMI DevX Workbench for Eclipse

BMC AMI DevX Code Debug

  • BMC AMI DevX Code Coverage plugin allows Azure DevOps users to extract code coverage results from a BMC Code Coverage repository, which can then be viewed in SonarQube.

BMC AMI Strobe

Continuous improvement is about building on success and finding even more ways to expand. As the market changes, so do you, and so do we. You can benefit from these new aids now and expect more in the future.

To learn more about how automation can help improve the developer experience and increase productivity, listen to our podcast, “Liberate Mainframe Developers by Automating Repetitive Tasks.”

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Learn how automated development tools are helping mainframe developers meet the urgent need to innovate, increase velocity, and elevate quality—so your back-end workhorse keeps pace with front-end digital transformation.

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About the author

Mark Schettenhelm

Mark is a DevOps Evangelist and Lead Product Manager at BMC who has experience working with developers around the world in Source Control Management, Testing, DevOps and Application Portfolio Analysis. He is a frequent conference speaker, webinar presenter, blogger, and columnist, often explaining the benefits of bringing Agile and DevOps to mainframe development and encouraging development teams to adopt new methodologies and continuously improve.

His writing has appeared in Enterprise Executive and Enterprise Tech Journal and he is a frequent contributor to and SHARE Tech Watch. Mark is currently the Lead Product Manager for BMC products in Source Control Management, Deploy, Code and Fault Analysis.