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Driving the Future of Data with BMC Innovation Labs and BMC Partners

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Pam Fitzwater-Johansen

The pandemic has accelerated and transformed organizations across every industry, including the tech sector, driving innovation across all of them. Innovation is a key differentiator for BMC and our partners, and the BMC Innovation Labs foster innovation by encouraging employees, customers, and partners to work together to create, nurture, and test new ideas and implement pilots to bring new products to market.

In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced business environment, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to keep up with the pace of technological change and single-handedly do everything at an optimal level. In many cases, businesses are turning to digital solutions experts and tech partners to help accelerate digital innovation.

BMC has worked with our partners to form an innovation ecosystem that delivers compelling value to our customers on their journey to becoming an Autonomous Digital Enterprise (ADE). That ecosystem includes a diverse mix of industries and organizations dedicated to servicing our end user customers and providing competitive differentiation with unique value-added services, innovations, and selling into vertical markets. By co-innovating with BMC and its partners, organizations can share resources and insights into evolving market and industry trends and reduce risks while collectively developing intuitive products, services, and solutions that benefit everyone.

A $250 billion opportunity

In 2020 and 2021, BMC has been recognized by CRN’s “Edge Computing 100” list of technology vendors that are providing the building blocks for channel partners to assemble unique edge solutions. And edge is a massive market. According to a recent Worldwide Edge Spending Guide from IDC, “the worldwide edge computing market will reach $250.6 billion in 2024 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.5 percent over the 2019–2024 forecast period.”

The guide also points to services (including professional and provisioned services) accounting for 46.2 percent of edge spending in 2024, followed by 32 percent for hardware and 21.6 percent for edge-related software.

CRN points out the importance of partners, saying, “partners time and again prove themselves to be masters of not only adapting to new market conditions and trends, but often foreseeing them, presciently moving their businesses to where the proverbial puck is going, not where it is right now. It comes as no surprise, then, that many in the channel are embracing the prospects created by the rise of the intelligent edge [by] building solutions that bring data collection and processing close to where it’s needed most.”

BMC’s One Partner Program—Innovation

Our BMC partners are building out new solutions that help customers migrate their on-premises solutions to cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions. To support this transition, we needed to grow our programs to support those partners willing to make the innovation journey with BMC.

With a focus on co-innovation, BMC is now beginning to formally work with our ecosystem of partners to:

  • Foster new customer alliances
  • Develop a futuristic solution
  • Promote cooperation among industries
  • Enable agility for innovation within organizations
  • Share risks, costs, and validation of best practices

Collaborating with our partners brings in new perspectives and skills that enable enterprises to anticipate and cater to their customers’ needs faster. In a co-innovation model, customers are involved throughout the process, as are all stakeholders. Real-time feedback during development ensures a richer value proposition for every development and co-creates value that benefits the product, the consumer, the organization and, ultimately, the bottom line.

Our BMC partners have always been innovators, but the BMC Innovation Labs provides the environment and support to co-innovate solutions that support customer requirements for our BMC solutions, and their creativity and ability to customize solutions has changed the game. I recently chatted with BMC’s Sam Lakkundi, VP of innovation, to discuss our co-innovation and the opportunity it creates for our partners. Here’s that conversation.


We have purpose-built BMC Innovation Labs in India, Israel, the United States, and other locations across the globe where we’re designing scalable, secure, and innovative solutions. Enabled by unparalleled intelligence and supported by our industry-leading customer success programs, we are building solutions and partnerships that create an impact across the enterprise.

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Bringing New Ideas to Life

The BMC Innovation Labs is a critical piece of BMC’s commitment to cultivating new and innovative thinking and ideas. It provides an environment for employees, partners and customers to come together to engage on ideas that will help meet our customers’ future needs.
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Pam Fitzwater-Johansen

Pam is the AVP of Worldwide Product Sales and Ecosystem at BMC, where she provides best practices and sales operations leadership to the sales specialists and ecosystem operations teams that support the field with forecasting, coverage, pipeline, and programs. Leading the WW Partner Program and interim North America Channel Leader, she co-leads the BMC Women in Technology and Business organization and sits on the Women of the Channel Advisory Board.