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How Communication Service Providers Benefit with AIOps

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Rob Morgan

Artificial intelligence for IT or network operations, or AIOps, is an approach to managing complex IT operations that optimizes service availability and delivery, predicting and preventing problems before they occur. AIOps runs on multi-layered technology platforms that harness machine learning (ML), predictive analytics, and AI to automate, enhance, and improve business operations. At BMC, AIOps is integrated across our BMC Helix Operations Management solution. As a communication service provider (CSP), how can BMC AIOps benefit your daily operations? It comes down to:

  1. Improved efficiency by automating event correlation, network monitoring, and performance analysis to eliminate manual toil.
  2. Proactive incident resolution by analyzing vast amounts of real-time data across devices, applications, and network infrastructure to identify, predict, and detect root causes before these incidents can impact service delivery.
  3. Faster incident response by diagnosing network and service anomalies. By integrating BMC HelixGPT generative AI, CSP IT and network operations teams can receive situation summaries, best action recommendations, and more.
  4. Optimized resource utilization by providing insights into network traffic patterns, application performance, and infrastructure capacity management.

If you are a CSP, all of this sounds great. The difference is that BMC continues to advance observability, monitoring, and automated remediation. In fact, BMC has received two industry recognitions for its AIOps solution. First, BMC was honored with the Outstanding Catalyst Showcase Award at DTW 2023 for its pivotal role in revolutionizing CSP service assurance through AIOps. Second, BMC Helix was named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Process-Centric AI for IT Operations (AIOps), Q2 2023.

Here are just a few capabilities BMC AIOps deliver to help CSPs realize the benefits I mentioned.

1. Service blueprints: BMC AIOps is the only solution on the market to offer CSPs and enterprises out-of-the-box service blueprints, which make creating and maintaining dynamic service models easier. With support for microservices, Kubernetes, cloud, and application performance monitoring (APM), these dynamic service models are automatically updated, ensuring accurate service models are used in today’s ever-changing IT environments.

2. Situation explainability powered by causal AI: This capability sets a new standard for incident resolution by correlating incidents with similar current and past occurrences to generate the best action to resolve the incident swiftly. User-driven feedback for situations provides greater contextual understanding and allows additional situation information to be added by a user for faster root cause isolation. This empowers CSPs and enterprises to recover from service outages and other potential risks more quickly—without manually scanning multiple incident logs. The BMC HelixGPT capability streamlines the process with concise, plain-language summaries of how issues were resolved. Probable root cause reports can be created and “remembered” for future use.

3. AIOps situation fingerprinting: Powered by advanced causal AI, situation fingerprinting automatically identifies whether a similar situation has previously occurred, eliminating the need to (re)diagnose it. This helps CSP network operations teams ease future identification to help speed mean time to repair (MTTR), reduce noise and staff toil, and improve service performance.

4. Improved deep container auto-detection: With the BMC Helix platform’s advanced discovery capabilities, all users can benefit from automated detection and an in-depth understanding of their containerized environments. This capability enhances knowledge-sharing among CSP network operations, site reliability engineers (SREs), services owners, and field teams responsible for modern, dynamic containerized environments. By enabling deeper container visibility, users will speed up MTTR while significantly reducing traditionally manual efforts. For CSPs, event and incident data and service prediction user interfaces (UIs) can analyze and predict service outages and remediate an issue before it escalates.

As we get closer to Mobile World Congress 2024, beginning February 26, BMC will share more exciting news for CSPs.

I welcome the opportunity to meet you in Barcelona in a few weeks.

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About the author

Rob Morgan

AVP - Communication Service Providers (CSP) leads the Sales and go-to-market strategy accountable driving the expansion of BMC’s CSP solutions and services internationally. Rob brings over 25 years of senior leadership expertise and experience in the CSP industry having worked extensively in Europe, Americas, and Asia with Cable & Wireless and Vodafone. Rob has also led operations within Cisco and also been CEO of Cisco & Microsoft Gold partners.

Rob is passionate about customer centricity and committed to providing BMC customers with a constantly outstanding experience as a sustainable way to differentiate. He has led a number of global cultural and digital transformation programs in his career and is focused on ensuring our technology helps enable the CSP of tomorrow, today.