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Breakthrough Technology Inspired by Birds, Bees… and Yes, Robots

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Vic Rajput

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution! It is, as they say, an exciting time to be alive, one where we are watching the most basic elements of nature inform the technology with the power to truly improve our world and empower the next generation. This era is characterized by a proliferation of data and the fusion of the physical, digital, and biological spheres, opening the doorway to both incredible opportunities and daunting moral and ethical dilemmas.

Companies are reimagining the way they do business to meet customer expectations and deliver value, sustainably and responsibly. In fact, 2021 saw a 54 percent increase in the companies that reported implementing reuse/recycle measures and a 30 percent increase in the number of companies that said they use or produce renewable energy, due to both regulatory requirements and customer demand. That focus is now extending to the principles around privacy and security, with good reason. Sources predict more than 25 billion interconnected devices by the end of the decade, all of them contributing to an abundance of actionable (and vulnerable) data. So while the opportunities for smarter healthcare, 5G, connected cities, speech and gesture recommendation, and so much more, are only beginning—the needs to implement safeguards, security, and sustainability around those developments just continue to grow.

Business leaders are challenging operations teams to accelerate innovation, leveraging technology proactively to stay ahead of service expectations and meet these challenging ethical requirements. At BMC, we see technology as a key enabler for businesses evolving to become an Autonomous Digital Enterprise, or ADE. With three key capabilities—agility, customer centricity, and actionable insights—intrepid companies are embracing automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning capabilities to meet escalating customer demands and deliver data-driven business outcomes, efficiently, effectively, and securely. By putting the needs of people first, we can shape the future as one where technology truly delivers on its promise to empower humanity.

Recently I was very fortunate to host a special event for the tech community called Birds, Bees, and Robots. In that two-hour session, I was joined by five highly regarded experts in the concepts that bridge nature and technology, including swarming, clustering, intelligent observability, and more, and they shared how we are applying them at BMC to help our customers capitalize on artificial intelligence, natural language understanding, edge computing, and other technology differentiators, to speed their evolution to an Autonomous Digital Enterprise. BMC Helix solutions can help make your data the catalyst for clarity and action, emboldening your IT strategies for faster, more accurate, and more efficient ways of delivering innovation. I hope you’ll enjoy reviewing the experience, and please get in touch if you would like to further discuss any of the concepts we cover.

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Breakthrough Technology Inspired by Birds, Bees & Robots

The volume of data generated by humans and machines is beyond traditional methods to capture, interpret, make effective decisions, and take action. In the world of service & operations, leveraging AI and ML has become essential to deliver innovation from the datacenter to cloud and out to the edge. Learn to reimagine your IT strategies as part of your Autonomous Digital Enterprise evolution.

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Vic Rajput

Vic Rajput is a Director of Value & Solution Engineering in EMEA for the Digital Service & Operations Management business unit at BMC Software, Inc.,
Vic and his team are responsible for aligning to market trends and client initiatives, helping define, demonstrate, and prove world-class solutions that achieve maximum business value for BMC customers. He balances optimism and pragmatism in his work and explores and leads opportunities to redefine the customer experience in selecting BMC as the partner of choice.