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5 Mainframe Myths Busted

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John McKenny

Mainframes and millennials—is that an oxymoron? It doesn’t seem like they are suited for each other but that’s just one of the myths we’ve uncovered in our latest research. I’m sure by now you’ve heard it all – the mainframe is from another era, and won’t be around for long; the mainframe is managed by a bunch of dinosaurs (that’s just unfair); or there is nothing new on the mainframe. Keep reading!

Today, more than ever, organizations are challenged to grow their business and better serve the growing demands of their customers. BMC’s 12th Annual Mainframe Research shows more positive attitudes toward the mainframe and demonstrates that executives from all industries see the mainframe as a strategic asset. As a matter of fact, 70% of the respondents predict workloads will remain steady or grow. The number of workloads migrating off the platform has actually dropped. That doesn’t sound like an extinction, does it?

Another surprising result is that over half of the mainframe workforce is younger professionals (ages 30-49). The survey also shows that a significant share of women have risen to top leadership jobs in organizations with mainframes. These professionals all show a more positive outlook for the mainframe and clearly believe in the power and value of the platform.

How would your organization function in the digital world without a mainframe? The new reality for the digital era is that a high proportion of transactions hit a mainframe – credit card transactions, inventory systems, flight reservations and much more. The mainframe has evolved, and according to our survey results, it’s strong, healthy and will continue to exist for a long time.

Download BMC’s 12th Annual Mainframe Research Results now to learn more about the biggest challenges organizations with mainframes face and what other mainframe myths we’ve busted.

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The results of the 18th annual BMC Mainframe Survey are in, and the state of the mainframe remains strong. Overall perception of the mainframe is positive, as is the outlook for future growth on the platform, with workloads growing and investment in new technologies and processes increasing.

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John McKenny

As SVP and General Manager of Intelligent Z Optimization and Transformation at BMC Software, John leads the R&D, Product Management and Solutions Marketing teams to innovate the mainframe to meet the needs of today’s evolving digital economy. John has over 25 years of management experience at BMC alone and, prior to joining, he led various IT management teams and strategies for 15 years in the transportation and insurance industries.