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Ensure Continuity of Business-Critical Operations

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Any sense of normalcy went out the door as stay at home orders and health mandates sweep the globe due to COVID-19. Companies have made massive shifts to adapt to remote environments and ensure continuity of business-critical operations. Corporate changes continue to be wide-ranging from controlling costs to enabling automation as companies quickly pivot to address new challenges from the economic environment.

BMC has long enabled companies to address their business challenges and meet transformational goals. Still, as the pandemic carries on, the importance of supporting companies through this time has become a top priority. As part of this initiative, special offers are available in direct response to this extended time, as well as webinars that are available to offer educational insight to address and optimize operations.

Check out the current offers and webinars below offering tools and strategies that can help ensure the continuity of business-critical operations.

Optimize cloud spend and utilization as needs change

Take Control of your Cloud Costs – watch the webinar replay

A rapid response to unexpected business changes can easily become a “spend now, pay later” situation—with the full cost only becoming apparent later. In this webinar, we discuss how to maintain cost visibility, control, and optimization across multi-cloud resources for fully informed decisions from day one. Learn how you can use cloud resources more cost-effectively to:

  • Get immediate visibility into multi-cloud spend
  • Gain insights and manage cloud costs in a business context
  • Optimize cloud costs and eliminate wasted spend while meeting business needs

Offer: 30-day trial of BMC Helix Cloud Cost

Empowering Users to Get Involved with Application Workflows

Support remote work, conserve resources, and speed workflows – watch the webinar replay

IT bottlenecks and resource constraints can slow key business tasks—especially in work-from-home scenarios. In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn how one organization empowered users with self-service application workflow orchestration to save time while supporting remote work. The session builds on our blog and ebook to explore topics including:

  • Key use cases in self-service application workflow orchestration
  • Supporting the transition to work-from-home
  • Empowering your employees through self-service

Ebook:  Support remote work with self-service

Blog: Heroes in Plain Sight

Prepare for Recovery with Server Automation

Get Ready for the New Normal with Server Automation – watch the webinar replay

In challenging times, your business depends on IT more than ever to meet changing needs. Learn how you can ensure security, stability, and performance today—and the agility and scalability your company will need when the economy bounces back. Topics include:

  • Managing and rapidly remediating security vulnerabilities
  • Automating provisioning and management for physical, virtual, and cloud servers
  • Identifying high-value automation use cases for your organization

Ensure complete visibility in your environment

Business Continuity in Unprecedented Times – watch the webinar replay

How would you score your IT’s readiness for a global pandemic?  Did your business continuity planning take into account infrastructure dependencies at the network and storage layer?  Were you put in a position where you needed to determine which applications can be safely spun down to ease network traffic and keep your remote workers productive?  Visibility into your entire environment and the various infrastructure, software, and service dependencies is crucial in maintaining business continuity and resiliency.

Optimize current investments

Driving Immediate IT Infrastructure Cost Savings – Register for the webinar, June 11, 2020 @ 10:00am central time

To adapt to a changing world, IT needs to operate as efficiently as possible—while still delivering the high-quality digital services customers and business users count on. This webinar explores practical steps you can take to optimize current investments and make the right decisions moving forward. Learn how you can:

  • Align IT resources with demand to avoid overspending
  • Maximize the value of your existing infrastructure and maintain service quality
  • Get the information you need to meet future needs without overprovisioning and overspending

Stay tuned for upcoming webinars:

  • Manage your mainframe environment remotely – May 28th
  • Increase speed and performance of DevOps processes in the Cloud – June 23rd


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