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Drive Innovation in the Age of AI with Connected Digital Ops

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Ayman Sayed

The impact of data and artificial intelligence (AI) on technology is expanding and deepening rapidly, lending incredible benefits and potential consequences to business. The past year’s AI frenzy had every industry chomping at the bit with the potential of learning language models (LLMs) and natural language processing (NLP) to drive business and customer outcomes faster, more efficiently, and more comprehensively. Let’s face it—AI is now mainstream. In fact, a recent survey showed that nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of business owners believe AI will improve customer relationships and increase productivity. With a majority of large enterprises now investing in and embracing generative AI for uses ranging from customer service to cybersecurity, these capabilities will soon cease to be differentiators but mere table stakes.

So how does business stay ahead of the curve? AI on its own doesn’t deliver value—in fact, it adds complexity and involves substantial risk. Sure, it connects users to data, but only via useful applications supported in secure, cloud-based infrastructure. It’s the strategic use of data afforded by carefully managed AI that leads to innovation—and that’s where the magic happens.

The word innovation itself has become so commonplace that we hardly hear its meaning anymore. Delivering fresh methodologies and ideas to market faster than anyone else is now core to business success—and operationalization is the secret sauce: making innovation easier.

Innovation won’t wait

AI is expanding so rapidly; it feels like when the internet was born. Easier isn’t the only goal. How do you also operationalize innovation fast? By connecting and optimizing all your operations across your landscape to create a seamless path for people, process, and technology to navigate, leading to the next Big Idea. That’s the promise of the Autonomous Digital Enterprise, BMC’s vision for the future of business—agile, resilient, digitally transformed, and ready to continuously innovate and win. And the way we get there is via Connected Digital Ops.

With Connected Digital Ops, you can connect across your entire technology landscape, from on-premises to cloud to edge, to automate and transform your IT infrastructure. You can turn systems of record into systems of action, enabling automated workflows that give you the real-time insights you need to take action. And you can make operations (the Ops) the catalyst for competitive advantage as the innovation differentiator that’s always connected to customer demands and essential to driving business outcomes.

Connected Digital Ops
The power of Connected Digital Ops is in its ability to deliver transformation and growth with the breakthrough capabilities of AI and five distinct Ops.

It’s AIOps, combining data, analytics, and machine learning (ML) to enable enterprise observability, automated issue remediation, and proactive problem-solving.

It’s DataOps, uncovering new opportunities and unlocking greater business value, rapidly, continuously, and at scale.

And ServiceOps, removing the barrier between service (ITSM) and operations (ITOM) to enable collaboration between teams for amazing user experiences.

Along with DevOps, where organizations can develop and deliver in-demand apps continuously and efficiently.

And finally, AutonomousOps, where integrating, automating, and orchestrating complex application and data workflows ensures business outcomes at enterprise speed and scale.

Deliver on the promise of AI with BMC

Today’s IT landscape comprises multiple platforms spanning mainframe, public, private, and hybrid cloud, and on-premises datacenters, all the way to the edge. BMC has nimbly mastered every paradigm shift for more than 40 years, and we are uniquely positioned to help connect your business-critical infrastructure across this vast and complex hybrid IT ecosystem with the power of AI.

Elevate Ops to be the most mission critical part of your business, a foundation for continuous innovation. In the AI-dominated future, business must move faster than humanly possible—and BMC can help you get there.

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About the author

Ayman Sayed

Ayman Sayed was named president and chief executive officer of BMC Software, Inc., in October 2019.

Prior to joining BMC, Ayman was president and chief product officer of CA Technologies, a $4.25 billion Fortune 500 company, where he was responsible for the vision, strategy, and development of their portfolio of products and solutions. During his tenure, he led a significant transformation of CA into higher-growth businesses including infrastructure software management, security, automation, and DevOps.

Ayman previously served as senior vice president at Cisco Systems where he led the Network Operating System Technology Group, responsible for the software on which nearly every Cisco networking product runs. He helped Cisco pioneer the programmable networks arena and drove innovation broadly across networking software, which enabled the evolution of the intelligent network to support application awareness and the Internet of Things.

Ayman holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Cairo University.