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A Fully Integrated, Open Observability and AIOps Solution

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Haroon Ahmed

Organizations often struggle to maintain seamless functionality and uninterrupted service delivery due to the overwhelming amount of data and events they face. This can lead to operational inefficiencies, prolonged downtime, and fragmented insights. Without a clear understanding of their IT infrastructure, businesses find themselves in a cycle of reactive firefighting. This lack of visibility not only hampers agility and innovation, but also leaves organizations vulnerable to costly disruptions and reputational damage.

In this type of landscape, the need for a comprehensive solution that ingests data while also synthesizing it into actionable intelligence becomes increasingly apparent. I would like to tell you about BMC Helix IT Operations Management (ITOM), a suite of software that goes beyond telemetry and event data to address your pain points head-on, empowering your IT to prevent incidents and delivering composite artificial intelligence (AI)-powered services (predictive, causal, and generative AI) for fast innovation.

Observability—Your key to reliable service delivery across complex IT systems

In a recent customer briefing, the topic of observability was discussed, along with the question of how BMC helps organizations solve the overwhelming amount of data and events. We shared a few key differentiators that demonstrate how BMC goes beyond processing telemetry and a short explanatory video.

There are many key features that BMC offers as part of BMC Helix ITOM, but I will highlight three here:

1. The FIRST key feature we’ll explore is dynamic service modeling (DSM), which revolutionizes how IT teams discover and manage services within their infrastructure. Through automated, real-time service modeling, BMC Helix ITOM ingests topology from BMC and third-party sources, identifying dependencies and relationships across the IT landscape, including infrastructure, applications, and software, to provide crucial visibility and context. By ensuring accuracy and consistency through automated reconciliation, this approach transforms the traditional methods, offering a comprehensive and dynamic understanding of the IT environment.

2. The SECOND key feature I’d like to highlight is root cause isolation. The business service is a complex and ephemeral graph of configuration items (CIs) and their relationships. Without the connected topology you get with DSM, and a business service to provide context for the domain, root cause isolation would not be possible.

Telemetry, events, and change requests are automatically mapped to the business service and impacted CIs. Causal AI is used to identify the root cause CI and correlate any impactful change requests. This eliminates the blame game when dealing with thousands of changes in the system.

3. The THIRD key feature I’ll highlight today is the BMC HelixGPT-powered best action recommendation (BAR) capability. BMC ITOM ingests textual data from telemetry, service management, and vulnerability systems, and ships a pre-trained large language model (LLM) with domain expertise.

The composite AI pipeline, based on predictions, impact, and root cause isolation, can then contextually ask BMC HelixGPT to summarize problem scenarios, surface log insights, and provide a BAR based on historical data.

As an example, imagine that you performed a code update, which resulted in increased CPU utilization that significantly strained host resources. A BAR can provide tailored recommendations by leveraging its pre-trained domain expertise and optionally fine-tuning it with customer data to address resource-related issues efficiently.

Achieving seamless functionality and uninterrupted service delivery is paramount. However, overwhelming data and events can lead to operational inefficiencies and prolonged downtime. With features like dynamic service modeling, root cause isolation, and best action recommendation, BMC Helix ITOM is the only fully integrated, open observability and AIOps solution with AI/ML-powered discovery, monitoring, optimization, automation, self-healing, and remediation of services, empowering IT to prevent incidents and innovate quickly. Click here to discover how BMC Helix ITOM can help you revolutionize your IT operations.

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Haroon Ahmed

Haroon Ahmed is the Vice President of R&D for BMC Software, Inc. In this role, he oversees the customer engineering and solution architecture teams for the service management and operation management business. He works with customers on digital IT transformation projects and adoption of DevOps, cloud scale container architecture, SRE practices, AI/ML, and intelligent automation.