Application Management

Deliver reliable, error-free applications — more quickly and inexpensively

Speed the delivery of high-quality applications for increased competitive advantage.

This suite of solutions:

  • Automates the application release process for complex, multi-tier applications
  • Monitors end-user experience before and after release to ensure consistent performance that exceeds expected service levels
  • Monitors end user and application performance to proactively find and fix issues before user or business service impact
  • Proactively alerts and automates root cause analysis with detailed diagnostics
  • Automates problem triage and repair

As a result, you will:

  • Accelerate time to market with visible, auditable application release processes
  • Eliminate release incidents with consistent configurations and performance — from development to production
  • Avoid business and user impacting outages by proactively detecting and pinpointing causes of application failures
  • Enable better collaboration between Dev and Ops teams, including information-sharing to speed problem repair
  • Ensure consistent and efficient problem resolution that introduces fewer production errors 

Key Functionality:

You Get What it does
Application Automation Automates the management, control, and enforcement of application configuration changes
Middleware Automation Automates the management, control, and enforcement of middleware configuration changes
Release Lifecycle Management Manages deployments and updates of business critical applications including release planning, process coordination, task automation, and environment configuration management.
Release Process Management Supports DevOps collaboration, captures and models current release processes, and provides planning, execution, and real-time tracking
End-User Experience Management Reduces the time, effort, and cost involved with monitoring applications with real-time insight into user and application performance — and its impact on user behavior
Application Diagnostics Helps you solve business-impacting application issues — while ignoring non-critical noise — for all end-user sessions.
Orchestration Automates the management, control, and enforcement of repetitive tasks across IT people, processes, and technologies
CMDB Provides a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of the people, processes, and technologies that make up the business and IT environment
Discovery Automatically discovers and maintains a complete view of your distributed, virtual, and mainframe environment, and creates a clear, visual mapping of IT infrastructure to business services
Dashboards and Analytics Provides visibility into key IT performance indicators through point-and-click analysis, advanced reporting, and a dashboard view of critical IT processes
Service Level Management Defines and tracks service levels, measures service level compliance, and drives continuous service improvement initiatives


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