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Global energy company elevates testing quality and accelerates DevOps initiatives on IBM Z

2B rows

of data obfuscated


editing and visualization




Iberdrola, a global energy company based in Bilbao, Spain, is the leading producer of wind power and one of the world’s biggest electricity utilities, supplying energy through its core operations and network of subsidiaries to over 100 million people in Europe and Latin America.

The Challenge

The company must be able to put new software and functionality into production systems quickly while ensuring high quality and compliance with privacy regulations. Within its DevOps environment, developers, test managers, and analysts must use accurate and intact datasets and understand their relationships to each other while taking care to maintain confidentiality and reduce the risk of exposure of sensitive data within test environments.

The Solution

Iberdrola has used solutions from BMC AMI DevX to accelerate the delivery of new software while increasing testing quality. In collaboration with IT consultant Sopra Steria, Iberdrola has launched a test data anonymization service that enables the company to perform selective data extractions with obfuscation from the production environment.

To improve upon the previous method of extracting and anonymizing data with dozens of programs within an IBM® Db2® host environment, Iberdrola opted for the advanced editing and visualization capabilities of BMC AMI DevX Data Studio. Seventy-five tables, totaling more than two billion rows of data, had to be obfuscated with the added challenge of managing customer data, such as DNIs, passports, bank accounts, and other personal data, which change from one country to another.

Business Impact

With this pioneering initiative, Iberdrola has increased the quality, speed, and efficiency of their IBM Z software development and delivery while maintaining the privacy of test data in compliance with GDPR regulations.

  • The preparation of data and “look-up” in total obfuscation processes has been reduced to a period of three to four days.
  • The company has gained agility and efficiency from the ability to make selective or partial database obfuscations, giving them more capacity to generate test environments.

“We can add new data from production to the test database incrementally, which is really innovative since most organizations choose to perform total copies of the database.”

— Aníbal Rodríguez, Head of Technical Design and Commercial System Service Quality, Iberdrola

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