BMC Administrative Assistant for DB2

Simplify and automate DB2 on z/OS administration and schema changes

Ever-changing business needs have increased the rate of change and complexity within IT environments. It is imperative to be able to respond to the critical needs of DB2 for z/OS applications, but explosive data growth and a shrinking workforce make it difficult to respond to those needs quickly. Making basic schema changes can be complex, particularly for inexperienced DBAs.

BMC solution

BMC Administrative Assistant for DB2 provides a set of basic tools to support for day-to-day DB2 catalog management and schema changes. BMC Administrative Assistant for DB2 Solution consists of the following products:

Features and benefits

  • Automate complex schema changes, thus reducing the cost of supporting large complex DB2 applications
  • Improve performance by ensuring that only required utilities are executed to implement schema changes
  • Improves availability by reducing the time it takes to implement schema changes
  • Improve productivity with sophisticated catalog editing support and automated schema change management
  • Mitigate risk by ensuring that all components of an application affected by a schema change are in included in the work list

Key differentiators

  • Simplifies change management with proven technology
  • Helps DBAs at all experience levels navigate the DB2 catalog and perform administrative tasks
  • Can rebuild an object that was accidentally dropped (Drop Recovery option)


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