Performance for DB2 Databases

Keep your DB2 environment at the top of its game

Disorganized data structures, poorly allocated storage space, unreliable capacity planning—these are the enemies of a healthy, high-performance DB2 database. Defeat them with BMC Performance for DB2 Databases, a software solution that provides an array of database maintenance tools to help you:

  • Perform reorganizations faster, with fewer resources and minimal downtime.
  • Determine precisely when a reorganization of your tables and indexes is required.
  • Ensure that reorganizations are only performed where they will actually make a difference.
  • Gather and store usage statistics that will help you get proactive about database maintenance.
  • Automate the time-consuming and error-prone process of allocating storage space.

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Optimize and automate database maintenance

The key to ensuring strong, reliable database performance is to build a maintenance routine that runs like clockwork. The tools in the Performance for DB2 Databases solution will help you do precisely that, with options for monitoring and analyzing performance data, performing low-impact reorganizations, allocating table and index space, and automating many other routine maintenance tasks.

Know your environment

Gather and analyze in-depth usage and performance statistics from across your DB2 environment.

Target your reorg work

Use the detailed usage statistics you collect to determine whether reorganization would be beneficial or not—that way, you can schedule the ones you need and defer the ones you don’t.

Give your DB2 resources a break

Make reorg less taxing by letting BMC utilities—not your DB2 resources—handle buffering, sorting, and I/O operations.

Allocate space wisely

Automate the steps required for allocating table and index pagesets, so you can manage your resources more dynamically.

Establish performance thresholds

Use statistics to establish performance thresholds, and set up triggered events to occur automatically when those thresholds are not met.

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Cut costs, and headaches

  • Reduce costs by eliminating unnecessary reorganizations.
  • Scale your reorganization tasks based on the resources you have available.
  • Dramatically improve availability with online reorganization and faster, low-impact processing.
  • Pair this solution with Performance for DB2 SQL to maximize performance capacity and efficiency.

Products included in this solution

The Performance for DB2 Databases solution is made up of the following products, all of which are designed to reduce the resources and effort required for DB2 database maintenance.

    Gain an exceptionally clear view of your database structures, with BMCSTATS, a utility that gathers an extensive array of statistics about your DB2 environment. BMCSTATS gathers more information than DB2’s native RUNSTATS and STOSPACE functions combined, as well as storing historical data to provide more insight. BMCSTATS can tell you exactly how well your databases are performing—and help you pinpoint where they might benefit from reorganization. Plus, BMCSTATS does all this while using fewer resources than any alternative.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: High Speed Utilities for DB2, Performance for DB2 Databases

  • DASD Manager for DB2

    Take the guesswork out of database maintenance with BMC DASD Manager for DB2. By analyzing the statistics collected by the BMCSTATS utility, DASD Manager helps you get proactive about capacity planning, and allows you to set thresholds to let you know when maintenance tasks need to be carried out. DASD Manager also allows you to automate changes to the allocation of table and index space, dramatically reducing the risk of errors.

    This product is available as a part of the following offering: Performance for DB2 Databases

  • Reorg Plus for DB2

    Reorganize faster, with fewer resources and near-zero downtime, using BMC Reorg Plus for DB2. This product lightens the burden of reorganization significantly by managing its own buffering without taxing DB2 resources, using an internal sort engine to speed through the sort phase, and running I/O operations at the lowest level possible. And all this is done without having to quiesce any tables. Reorg Plus for DB2 makes it easy to reorganize, without having to worry about disrupting availability.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: High Speed Utilities for DB2, Performance for DB2 Databases

  • Snapshot Upgrade Feature

    Working in concert with a variety of other BMC utilities, the Snapshot Upgrade Feature provides for near-continuous availability during many database processes. By exploiting the hardware capabilities of intelligent storage devices, the Snapshot Upgrade Feature allows you to create data-consistent copies instantaneously, with little to no outages. These point-in-time snapshot copies can be used to enhance recovery, unload, and reorg tasks.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Object Administration for DB2, High Speed Utilities for DB2, Recovery for DB2, Performance for DB2 Databases