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Control-M Application Integrator

Control-M Application Integrator

Integrate any application workload with Control-M

Control-M Application Integrator is a workload automation design tool that lets you connect applications and processes so business services are quickly and reliably delivered to customers.

Deliver new or enhanced services in a sustainable way.
  • Increase the speed of innovation by controlling what applications get integrated and when
  • Improve services for critical applications with the ability to design job types that fit your service needs
  • Extend the reach and return of your investment through crowd-sourced job types and a community of experts

Video: Control-M Application Integrator Overview

Understand the power of integrating application workflows in Control-M. (1:27)

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Automate the critical workloads that power your business

Automate more workloads – faster

Eliminate or reduce writing scripts by designing job forms that capture the logic required for automated job creation.

Get integration guidance

Build integration through a guided process that takes you through the steps you need to complete for integrating an application.

Gain more control

Application Integrator job types provide immediate integration, automation insight, and control with the Control-M Self Service, Workload Change Manager and Workload Archiving solutions.

Application Hub exchange

Find, use, and share application integrations from the crowd-sourced open community of Control-M customers and partners. Take a look.

Check out the Application Hub!

Automate any application job service

Application Integrator gives you the power to automate any application with an automation interface.

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  • Reduce cost of batch operations
  • Reduce unplanned outages
  • Better satisfy compliance and audit requirements
  • Secure the authentication and connection criteria
  • Analyze application workloads for trends and insights

“BMC’s Workload Automation team continues to deliver innovative solutions that create customer value such as Control-M Application Integrator with the added benefit of the Application Hub community exchange.”

— Rich Ptak, Managing Partner, Ptak Associates

Find the best Control-M integration for your needs

Control-M Integration with IT Applications

Control-M Integration with IT Applications offers faster, more cost-effective workload management for cloud, backup, databases, web services, Java, and messaging.

Control-M Integration with Business Applications

Introduce all Control-M capabilities to your business applications, including advanced scheduling criteria, complex dependencies, and quantitative and control resources.

Control-M for Big Data

Control-M for Big Data simplifies and automates Hadoop application processing for faster batch-job implementation and more accurate analytics.

Control-M for SAP®

Control-M for SAP automates and simplifies the scheduling of SAP batch jobs within enterprise IT environments, resulting in improved service delivery.