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Server Automation and Server Management

Manage and control your data center with

integrated server automation

Streamline your data center with next-gen management from BladeLogic Server Automation. Integrated configuration and compliance, plus policy-based automation add up to comprehensive capabilities across any environment - physical, cloud, and everything in between.

Simplify change and configuration management

BladeLogic Server Automation is a policy-driven configuration state management solution giving you the information you need to manage bulky change and configuration tasks without drowning in unnecessary details. By automating processes like patching, configuring, updating, and reporting on servers, it enables consistency, compliance, and complete insight into your data center.

With BladeLogic Server Automation, you can:

  • Enable rapid and targeted changes without scripting
  • Support roll-back of incomplete or incorrect changes
  • Maintain a historical baseline configuration for one-click comparison and remediation
  • Run out-of-the-box and ad hoc reports on compliance, inventory, provisioning, patch, and deployment
  • Gain both big picture and granular views into your server infrastructure

Automate provisioning across every environment

BladeLogic Server Automation is a provisioning powerhouse, with capabilities like:

  • Full-stack, automated provisioning in physical, virtual, and hybrid cloud data centers
  • Automated OS installation and configuration with support for all major operating systems
  • Support for virtual template-based, image-based, and script-based provisioning

Keep compliance under control

Achieve and maintain compliance standards - whether regulatory, security, or operational.

  • Real-time, policy-based compliance auditing based on built-in content and user-defined rules
  • Remediation deployed automatically or manually via repair, rollback, or configuration updates
  • Pre-configured policies for regulatory and security standards

Design your configuration with ZipKits

To define your infrastructure's desired state, you can select from more than 200 pre-built, freely downloadable BladeLogic ZipKits found in the BladeLogic Server Automation Community. In addition, you can build your own BladeLogic packages to suit the needs of your organization. Once built, BladeLogic packages and ZipKits can be reused and shared across your distributed data center environment.

Enforce desired state

After you deploy your desired configuration, BladeLogic communicates regularly with each asset ensuring—and automatically enforcing—the desired state of the nodes. A simple example can be found in maintaining PCI Compliance. Download the PCI Compliance paper.

Learn more about BladeLogic Server Automation: Read the datasheet


From automation to cloud

Build the foundation for cloud with a data center management strategy that takes the long-term view.

BMC BladeLogic community

Check out the BMC BladeLogic user community for discussions, blogs, product docs, idea sourcing, and more. 

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Key Products


BladeLogic Server Automation Automates the management, control, and enforcement of server configuration changes
BladeLogic Database Automation Automates the management, control, and enforcement of database configuration changes
BladeLogic Network Automation Automates the management, control, and enforcement of network configuration changes
BladeLogic Middleware Automation Provides Java middleware automation management, compliance, and tracking
Cloud Lifecycle Management Automates the management, control, and enforcement of cloud based assets