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BladeLogic Network Automation

BladeLogic Network Automation

Network management software to safeguard your physical and virtual network

Network automation and management software reduces network outages and downtime by automating configuration, change and compliance processes. Organizations depend on high performance across their network to keep the business running at peak efficiency but new security threats make it hard for network administrators to keep pace with the demands for new services and safeguard the health of the network. BMC BladeLogic Network Automation helps IT operations:

  • Natively detect network vulnerabilities without the need for additional hardware.
  • Perform scan-less audits across a diverse network environment without degrading performance.
  • Remediate security risks and non-compliant devices in minutes.
  • Guarantee compliance with best practices and regulatory standards.
  • Extend change management initiatives to the network level.

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Automated network management improves network consistency and reduces risk

Scan 1,000s of devices in less than a minute and take action to reduce the risk of breaches and errors. Avoid network outages and bad configuration changes, and improve service delivery across your business. Free up expensive network administration resources from labor-intensive audits.

Consolidated provisioning

Manage all your networks across all physical, virtual, and cloud platforms including integration to BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management.

Policy-based configuration and pre-built compliance templates

Reduce service downtime and stop network outages.

Real-time detection and remediation

Rapidly respond to threats and reduce risk.

Automated reports and audits

Improve data center operations, audit success, operational performance, and quality.

Real-time and historical visibility

Streamline change and configuration activities with integration to Atrium Orchestrator and Remedy Service Management.

Automated manual and error-prone activities

Reduce operational and administrative IT costs.

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  • Leverage the compliance engine to maintain operational, regulatory, and security standards.
  • Pre-define jobs and configuration templates for simplified changes.
  • Automate services with network containers and service profiles.
  • Group network elements for targeted performance.
  • Streamline Access Control List (ACL) management.
  • Automate change scripts for updates, rollbacks, and policy enforcement.
  • Maintain a trusted baseline configuration for one-click comparison and fixes.
  • Deliver real-time, policy-based compliance audits.
  • Find and isolate suspicious endpoints.

Take IT automation to the next level

BladeLogic Server Automation

BMC BladeLogic Server Automation helps IT rapidly remediate known vulnerabilities, and automate compliance checks for regulatory requirements such as PCI-DSS or security standards like DISA.

BladeLogic Database Automation

BMC BladeLogic Database Automation automates routine administrative tasks and compliance processes, accelerates deployment and patching, and reduces security vulnerabilities by streamlining the database management process.

BladeLogic Middleware Automation

BMC BladeLogic Middleware Automation easily deploys, configures, and troubleshoots Java EE applications without manual steps.

Cloud Lifecycle Management

BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management orchestrates the agile delivery and ongoing management of secure and compliant IT services across private and public clouds, as well as legacy data center infrastructures.

Atrium Orchestrator

BMC Atrium Orchestrator allows IT staff to automate tasks via workflows that span multiple applications, systems, or infrastructure to document change and close the loop on compliance.