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Topology Reconciliation

Resolve inconsistencies between topology reports and make the data actionable.

How It Works


Discover and sync your topology data

Data normalization is a critical step in the AIOps journey. Following the initial phase of data ingestion, the topology reconciliation tool gets your data in good order so that it can be leveraged for dynamic service modeling, proactive outage alerting, and other transformative AIOps capabilities. Unlike other topological reporting solutions that are limited to network or application mapping, the BMC solution detects and ingests all types of data. 

As data flows in, the reconciliation process begins.


Reconcile and normalize

The tool begins an intelligent hunt for disparities between the reports. It implements smart standardization of how elements are named and how relationships are represented. What began as a group of disconnected reports is merged into a unified model in which dependencies and relationships come into clear focus.


A single source of truth

After reconciliation, the unified report is ready to power your organization's dynamic service model. The dynamic service model is a secret weapon for AIOps, providing a real-time, comprehensive source of truth for the health of your technological environment. You’ll never have to second-guess its accuracy, as changes to elements in the environment trigger real-time updates. Root cause analysis, proactive problem management, and other AIOps use cases become possible.

4 Reasons You’ll Love It

The reconciliation process happens automatically once data sources are added. 

Wave goodbye to data duplication, conflicting definitions, and other data woes.

No need to worry about partial or conflicting service models. Consistent topology helps ensure any compliance and security blind spots are eliminated. 

The holistic and consistent view increases visibility and understanding of a complex environment.

Reconciliation Process
Data Trust
Blind Spots
Increased Visibility

Seamless Integrations

A few of our integrations include:

Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM)
New Relic
SolarWinds NPM