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Automated Remediation

Fix recurring problems automatically, reducing toil on your staff.

How It Works


Build scripts to preempt future problems

Even the most sophisticated intelligence falls flat in the absence of action. In enterprise IT environments, action can be delayed by numerous impediments, from knowledge silos to the availability of teams in different time zones.  The automated remediation tool allows you to centralize intelligence and put it into action without wasting time or lifting a finger.

The first step is to create a policy-driven automation script to address a known issue that may potentially reoccur. You can write the script in the tool of your choice.


Set event triggers

Next, associate the script with the conditions that should trigger it to run. The criteria can include the development of a specific type of issue developing, such as an outage, or reaching a specified level of resource saturation. Because events are controlled by policy, there is no need to learn coding to create these automation policies.


Set your script to auto-run

Finally, set the automation to run on-demand when the specified conditions are met, and gain more time to focus on strategically important work.

4 Reasons You’ll Love It

System operators can give automation teams the solutions they most frequently need.

The automation cuts out the need to manually deploy scripts, so there are less tedious, repetitive tasks on your plate

System and service availability is increased and risk is decreased through faster MTTR.

The system tracks and reports on the time and money saved by using your chosen automations, helping to demonstrate value to stakeholders.

Simplified Request Process
Automatically Deploy Remediation
Improved Service Availability
Easy ROI Reporting

Seamless Integrations

A few of our integrations include:

Ansible Tower
TrueSight Orchestration
BMC Helix Innovation Studio