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Connected Digital Ops: Accelerating the future CSP

Embrace AI-Driven Digital Transformation in Telecommunications

Communication service providers (CSPs) are facing a critical time where customer experience has become the primary differentiator. Demographics, digital natives, and hyperscalers have redefined expectations, demanding frictionless, customer-centric experiences and driving change across service assurance.

At the same time, operator margins have been reduced and the market for connectivity services is becoming more competitive, decreasing profitability and earnings and leading to investment challenges. To address this, there is a need for highly automated service-centric, autonomous IT and network operations that can improve performance and reduce operational expenses.

While operations teams currently manage most issues to resolution, in the future, these teams will only manage by exception as artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML)-enabled AIOps transform network operations. New technology approaches will enable achieving zero touch and zero trouble and support intent-based, closed-loop autonomous network operations.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Using AIOps in operations management to provide end-to-end observability, predicting problems before they occur to enhance the customer experience.
  • Evolving network service management for agile and efficient operations to support automation and reduce manual toil.
  • Building and managing robust, scalable, and transparent data pipelines, unlocking the data necessary for effective AI/ML use.

CSPs need to grow their customer base with first class customer experience underpinned by AI/ML powered automation

Advance Network Service Management

Evolve Service Management to meet Network Operations demands

Unlock the Power of Data

Efficiently manage complex and critical data pipelines for telecommunication providers.

Delivering Proactive Customer-Centric Service

Customer experience (CX) is increasingly the primary differentiator. Swiftly identifying, predicting, and isolating network issues is crucial. Enhancing service assurance is key to delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Improving Service Reliability and Resilience

Network operations must evolve to meet business and customer demands. Streamlining network service management enhances agility, accelerates change, and simplifies operations while adhering to CSP-specific standards. Key benefits include:

  • Faster and more cost-effective integration
  • Automation to reduce manual tasks
  • Enhanced agility and pace of change
  • Simplified operations and removal of data barriers
  • Reduced frequency and impact of service disruptions

Unlocking the Value of Data

CSPs hold vast amounts of data, including customer, technical, billing, and peer data. Effective orchestration of these data pipelines enables a deeper understanding of customer needs. This insight is vital for developing revenue-generating products and services, maintaining customer base, and offering efficient customer service, including billing and data analytics.

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