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Evolutio Streamlines Customer Service During Expansion with BMC Helix


B2B solutions integrated


reduction in upgrade costs

Up to 30%

reduction in manual efforts

Video: Evolutio Streamlines Customer Service with BMC Helix (1:49)

When Spanish cloud services integrator Evolutio wanted a managed solution to help improve its ticketing response and resolution time, it turned to BMC. Watch the video to find out how migrating to BMC Helix Operations Management helped the company become more competitive, achieve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and add new functionality as the market demands.

Company Overview

Evolutio is a Spanish cloud services integrator with more than 30 years in the market, helping several hundred Spanish corporations and government institutions connect, manage, and protect their data and applications. The company began operations as a communications service provider and has evolved to offer cloud security, collaboration, and contact center services.

A series of recent acquisitions has expanded the company’s ability to improve its position in the market and its service offerings. Evolutio has 1,200 employees across Spain, Portugal, and Mexico, most of whom are technical experts. Its assets include, in addition to others, four data centers connected with the hyperscalers and four security operations centers (SOCs). The company is committed to grow with its customers through technology and innovation. 

The Opportunity

Evolutio has been a BMC customer for seven years, first with TrueSight and BMC Atrium, and then BMC Helix ITSM SaaS to monitor and automate tasks within its networks. Evolutio’s multitenant service includes one ticket dedicated to a single client, managed by a team of four or six people, depending on the requirements of the day. The company needed to reduce its response and resolution time for the ticket and for the actual work through automation.

The company also has a lot of servers and computing overhead. Performing solution upgrades was very time-consuming because of the complex architectures. Evolutio wanted to reduce the number of servers it was allocating to monitoring by migrating to a managed solution and decided on BMC Helix Operations Management. 

The Solution

By migrating from TrueSight to BMC Helix Operations Management, Evolutio has been able to address its three most important pillars of observability—metrics, logs, and traces. To perform the migration, Evolutio needed to upgrade all BMC Patrol agents and event management policies to the new functionality provided by BMC Helix Operations Management, and remove the Master Rule Language (MRL) code and replace it with a no-code, low-code solution to provide an agile event correlation solution for end users.

At every step of the process, BMC Customer Success worked with Evolutio teams up through the CTO office to meet as needed, consult on improvement plans, and manage expectations.

BMC Helix Operations Management has become a key part of Evolutio’s core technology as it strives to be more efficient. Leveraging the solution’s AIOps and automation capabilities, the company will be able to do more with less by monitoring and automating all the routine tasks within its network data centers and cloud services.

The company has also leveraged the capabilities of additional solutions in the BMC Helix portfolio:

  • BMC Helix Monitoring has become a nexus as an integrator of many tools, allowing for a centralized solution where it can exploit all its data.
  • BMC Helix ITSM handles all customer maintenance and delivery change management procedures.
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace gives customers a self-service portal to record incidents and requests and get updates, optimizing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Business Results

With the BMC Helix solutions in place, Evolutio has become more competitive in its market, achieved operational efficiency, reduced costs, and added new functionality in a seamless way as the market demands. Substantive benefits include:

  • Integrating 50 different B2B solutions with BMC Helix ITSM
  • Automating thousands of daily workflows 
  • Managing 30k to 40k tickets a day
  • Reducing manual efforts by 25 to 30 percent
  • Increasing customer orders through self-service and omnichannel experiences
  • Managing downtime with no impact to the customer
  • Centralizing all data and information for staff 
  • Giving customers a unified interface for visibility into the performance and health of their systems
  • Leveraging AIOps to predict and prevent possible incidents and reduce mean time to identify (MTTI) and mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Decreasing upgrade costs by 90 percent
  • Reducing capital expenditures by 99 percent by eliminating 50 on-premises servers

Looking Ahead

Evolutio wants to keep pushing forward on cloud security, experience, and connections, as well as developing its own products based on artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) techniques to better support its customer processes. It also plans to continue acquiring new companies and improving its partnerships to gain more market share and enhance its service portfolio, with the open integrations of the BMC Helix portfolio as a helpful partner in that expansion.

“Tools like BMC lace together so we can have our own company dataset all combined together in a secure, structured way so that these AI tools can get the most of it. And when we contact customers, we have information about building, about ticketing, about the mood of the customer and all that can be done with the data that we saw in systems like ITSM systems.”

— Lesmes Molinero, Head of Digital Operations, Evolutio

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