BMC MainView for z/OS

Improve your monitoring "footprint" - optimize the efficiency of existing resources

IT problem

The complexity of the IT environments continues to place increasing demands on fewer experienced technicians. They must be able to maintain performance objectives and increase productivity and at the same time reduce costs. In addition, they need the flexibility to manage across many z/OS systems and Sysplex environments.

BMC Solution

MainView for z/OS utilizes advance technology features to monitor and manage critical z/OS resources in the most efficient and effective way. MainView for z/OS takes advantage of MainView plex-ready technology, integrated advanced Alarm Management, centralized audit logging, and intelligent Web Interface. There is no need for costly, inefficient, add-on and/or additional software layers, or high-overhead workstation-based solutions.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers single system image and a single point of control to monitor an unlimited number of z/OS systems
  • Provides rapid status of critical z/OS metrics like CP, storage, Coupling Facility, XCF, and enclaves usage by system and across the enterprise
  • Monitors transaction counts, response times and throughput rates by business process
  • Offers flexible online interfaces; efficient 3270 Windows Interface, Mainframe Centric- Intelligent Web Browser
  • Provides real-time and historical data on a single screen
  • Improves availability within and across MainView products via Point and Shoot Navigation
  • Provides flexible reporting including access to all data fields in all views to report detailed and summary information

Key Differentiators

  • Reduces monitoring cost by offloading CP to zIIPs
  • Reduces monitoring CP overhead by eliminating duplicate data collection by sharing collectors
  • Integrates System programming Interface (SYSPROG Services)
  • Identifies potential looping problems at the programs, task and instruction levels within an Address space
  • Provides an integrated advanced alarm management to identify performance issues before they impact the business
  • Integrates with the MainView infrastructure to provide the same look and feel across all MainView monitoring products
  • Delivers a mainframe centric solution - no need for distributed systems to support and maintain


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