BMC MainView for UNIX System Services

Monitor manage and correlate business processes across USS and z/OS

IT problem

The complexity of z/OS® and UNIX® System Services environment is growing as WebSphere® Application Server, CICS®, IMS TM , Java TM Runtime, Tuxedo, DB2®, WebSphere MQ, SAP R/3, Lotus Domino, TCP/IP, FTP, Telnet, and Oracle Web Server all use z/OS UNIX. IT departments must support the UNIX environments with current staffing levels and maintain business performance objectives and monitor, manage and correlate business processes across the UNIX and z/OS environments.

BMC solution

The MainView for UNIX System allows users to observe workloads and resources consumed from the USS perspective that traditional performance monitors are unable to see. It monitors processes, file systems, BPXPRM parameters, HFS global buffers and user information. It takes advantage of MainView plex-ready technology, integrated advanced Alarm Management, centralized audit logging, intelligent Web Interface without the need to resort to costly, inefficient, add-on and/or additional software layers, high-overhead workstation-based solutions. The solution:

  • Offers single system image and a single point of control to monitor an unlimited number USS environments
  • Delivers quick understanding of critical USS metrics like process counts and usage and delays, threads, HFS global buffer information, file-system, IPC and user activity
  • Offers an integrated interface to view/change system parameters and file systems functions (HFS, zFS)
  • Delivers flexible on line interfaces; efficient 3270 Windows Interface, Mainframe Centric- Intelligent Web Browser
  • Provides real-time and historical data on a single screen

Key differentiators

  • Provides an integrated USS command interface
  • Delivers an integrated advanced alarm management to identify performance issues before they impact the business
  • Offers Integration with the MainView infrastructure to provide the same look and feel across all MainView monitoring products
  • Provides a mainframe centric solution - no distributed systems requirements to support and maintain
  • Improves availability within and across MainView products via Point and Shoot Navigation


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