BMC MainView Console Management for zEnterprise

Protect your mainframe environment

Consolidate and monitor worldwide data centers with integrated event management, secure remote access, and automation tools.

BMC MainView Console Management for zEnterprise:

  • Extends the BMC MainView monitoring and automation suite with full support for the zEnterprise
  • Provides and audits secure access from any workstation on your network — or from anywhere in the world using an internet connection
  • Consolidates messages from every console and displays them in the way that best fits your business
  • Provides enhanced ability to monitor hardware management console (HMC) messages and enter commands to the HMC remotely

Using BMC solutions, you can now access a single console to:

  • Minimize downtime by quickly and easily diagnosing and fixing issues
  • Decrease risk by providing secure access to consolidated monitoring and management of mainframe systems worldwide
  • Maximize efficiency by consolidating messages based on role — regardless of physical location
  • Reduce facility and power costs by eliminating multiple hardware consoles
  • Manage disaster recovery by managing all systems from your primary location (no travel to remote sites, no lost productivity, more secure disaster recovery)
  • Comply with internal and external requirements, and provide documentation for audits 
You Get Your IT Benefits Your Business Benefits
BMC MainView Console Automation for zEnterprise Consolidate data centers Save money and provide disaster recovery and business continuity
BMC MainView SecureHMC Provide secure access to local and remote HMC Minimize risk and meet service levels


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