Fewer MIPS to accomplish the same functions

Provides the same functionality and realtime data using 50% less MIPS

This better performing alternative:

  • Provides complete SMF-type 70-79 records
  • Delivers single system image and a single point of control to monitor an unlimited number of z/OS systems
  • Offers real-time and historical data on a single screen
  • Delivers recording intervals as low as 10 seconds for long-term detailed analysis
  • Provides efficient 3270 Windows Interface and Mainframe Centric-Intelligent Web Browser

By using BMC CMF MONITOR you will:

  • Reduce cost by offloading CP resources to zIIPs
  • Eliminate MIPS associated with redundant data collection
  • Offload up to 50% of its workload to zIIP specialty processors, further reducing MIPS workloads on the general processors


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