Mainframe Automation Management

Automate problem resolution before costly outages occur

BMC Mainframe Automation mitigates the risks of outages by providing automated correct responses to conditions.

Provides simplified and streamlined automation processes without coding. Collects information about problems as they happen and takes corrective action automatically. As an integrated member of the BMC MainView family, BMC Mainframe Automation shares a common graphical interface so critical problem analysis can be easily be performed.

BMC Mainframe Automation makes it possible for limited IT staff to deliver reliable infrastructure that the business can count on:

  • Simplifies the inventory of scripts and helps expose wasteful duplicate automation
  • Improves service availability by automating the resolution of problems before they have a direct financial impact, such as penalties associated with missed SLAs
  • Automatically moves workloads so IT can meet performance goals and handle disaster situations




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