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Accelerate federal initiatives with business service management

In today's economic climate, federal agencies are mandated to reduce costs, enable innovation, and bring transparency to IT spend. That's why business service management, or BSM, from BMC is such a great fit. BSM simplifies and automates IT processes so you govern, prioritize, and orchestrate work based on mission needs. And because BSM works with every leading vendor and with hybrid environments, it doesn't matter if your agency infrastructure is distributed, on the mainframe, or running entirely in the cloud.

Lower costs and increase efficiency with these initiatives:

  • Datacenter consolidation to reduce duplication quickly with little risk.
  • Automating the datacenter to increase service levels, adhere to standards, and meet growing demand for datacenter resources.
  • SaaS and shared services to eliminate multiple help desk systems and their maintenance costs by consolidating onto a shared enterprise platform.

Drive innovation and guarantee security with these solutions:

  • Cyber situational awareness to get real-time understanding of optimal and current operational states so that systems weaknesses are detected and remediated.
  • Cloud computing to support agency mission clouds by bringing together the benefits of traditional IT management and service delivery models.


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Reduce government spending with datacenter consolidation

The federal mandate is to consolidate datacenters to reduce duplication. In order to accomplish this, you need tools and a proven methodology to expedite the process. That means understanding what devices you have, how they are configured, how much is being used, and what can and cannot be consolidated.

Datacenter consolidation impacts facility needs as well. With the right strategy, you'll increase efficiency and reduce your energy and hardware footprint.

How can BMC help?

Support budget cuts while improving service delivery

IT departments must find a way to reduce budget in the face of an onslaught of new service requests brought on by the sequestration. Business as usual won't cut it: Your agencies are depending on you to help meet budget cuts across the board while still meeting or exceeding current levels of service.

How can BMC help?

BMC offers a variety of solutions and platforms that help IT organizations cut costs while raising service levels. These include:

  • Point products that address problems in server, networking, application, and client domains
  • Full scale platforms that encompass the entire organization, such as cloud lifecycle management and closed-loop compliance
  • Workload automation solutions that automate workloads across all platforms, applications, and in the cloud

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Successfully implement SaaS and shared services

In May 2012, the Federal CIO introduced the Federal IT Shared Service Strategy to arm agencies with tools to eliminate waste and duplication across the Federal IT portfolio. The strategy provides an initial focus on commodity IT service consolidation opportunities to quickly reduce agency spending, increase return on investment, and improve communication between consumers and providers.

Although many commodity IT services have become shared, agencies continue maintain multiple IT Service Management (ITSM) systems and even add new ones to support expanding mission services. In some of the larger agencies, it is not uncommon to have a dozen or more ITSM systems. To further complicate matters, the Budget Control Act of 2011 mandates significant budget cuts and every agency will implement more shared services as a very good method of quickly reducing spending.

How can BMC help?

Consolidate onto one shared IT service management platform with BMC Remedy. This market-leading technology allows agencies to work from one ITSM service while maintaining departmental service desk functions - not to mention Remedy's complete suite of innovative, powerful ITSM capabilities.

Learn more about BMC Remedy

Interested in SaaS? BMC Remedyforce offers individual departments the on-demand help desk they need. Its secure multi-tenant architecture ensures data protection and privacy between agency departments and also allows agency leadership complete transparency to services and activities across the entire agency. Remedyforce also meets stringent IA requirements including DIACAP, Common Criteria, and FedRAMP.

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Secure critical infrastructure with Cyber Situational Awareness

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 establishes a national policy for federal departments and agencies to identify and prioritize critical infrastructure and to protect them from terrorist attacks. This includes IT; as a part of the presidential directive, the information technology supporting critical infrastructure must also be protected from cyber terrorism.

In fact, most mission critical infrastructure cannot operate without IT. Cyber attackers recognize this fact, and as a result, we've seen a dramatic increase in the exploit of vulnerabilities across all industries, including the federal government itself. In this climate, effective security measures and Cyber Situational Awareness, or CyberSA, are absolutely critical.

How can BMC help?


Drive innovation and agility with cloud computing

The Cloud First policy requires federal agencies to adopt cloud computing technologies where appropriate in order to reduce IT costs and enable datacenter consolidation. BMC's cloud management solutions empower you to make it happen.

We believe that cloud computing, when properly planned and executed, can deliver a lower cost model that provides extremely attractive and flexible services. That's why we've helped hundreds of organizations, both Federal Agencies and commercial companies, achieve this reality.

How can BMC help?

BMC brings together the benefits of traditional IT management — operational excellence, automation, and service delivery models — and merges them with the dynamic potential of cloud architectures. BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management (CLM) provides the foundation for a strong, flexible, and valuable cloud infrastructure that supports IT operations and delivers exceptional service quality to the business.

Capabilities include:

  • Self-service models to empower IT users
  • Extensive automation to provide rapid and agile creation and expansion of IT services
  • Adoption of public cloud services in a consistent and controlled manner

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