Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise®

MLC Savings Calculator

Reduce IBM® MLC software costs

BMC Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise provides insightful reporting and planning to help you save anywhere from 5% to more than 20% on Monthly License Charges (MLC).

  • Actively manage MLC by analyzing system and cost data.
  • Reduce costs by identifying system capacity peaks and cost drivers.
  • Test-drive changes and see the impacts before committing.

Video: See how to reduce MLC with Cost Analyzer

Cost Analyzer helps IT reduce monthly license costs with insightful reporting and planning.

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Small changes equal big savings

With insightful graphic reports and analysis, Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise helps curb monthly license charges.

Transparent cost reporting

Analyze system and cost data with intuitive, interactive graphics.

Predictive analysis

Evaluate the impact of MLC reduction activities during the planning process.

Multi-level usage, pricing picture

Develop an understanding of cost drivers and relationships.

Workload-aware MLC information

Align cost reduction strategies with business services.

Interactive planning

Test-drive workload balancing and capping options to reduce your monthly MLC bill.

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Take a closer look

  • Evaluate capping, workload placement, and workload volume changes.
  • Use a range of MLC pricing metrics.
  • Understand the complexities of MLC pricing models.
  • Identify workload priority in the systems.

Video: 10 Steps to Reducing MLC

Industry expert David Wilson of SZS Consulting walks through a proven, 10-step process to cut MLC by anywhere from 5% to more than 20%.

Put your analysis and planning into action

Intelligent Capping (iCap) for zEnterprise®

BMC Intelligent Capping (iCap) for zEnterprise dynamically automates and optimizes defined capacity settings to lower MLC.

Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterprise®

BMC Subsystem Optimizer for zEnterprise provides data access and communication across LPARs, making it possible for the first time to efficiently redirect workloads among DB2, IMS, and CICS instances to reduce MLC.

"IBM offers mainframe customers great flexibility with the variable MLC model. Thanks to BMC we now have a tool to fully exploit this flexibility. The power and insight of Cost Analyzer for zEnterprise is something customers have wanted for a long time."

— Eduardo J. Ciliendo, Head of Mainframe, Swiss Re
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