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Control-M for SAP®

Control-M for SAP

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Optimize your SAP environment with Control-M

Control-M for SAP 8 integrates and automates business processes from a single point of control. Through this shared user interface with access to Control-M and SAP you can manage enterprise-wide dynamic workloads for physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

  • Integrate Control-M Workload Automation managed systems and independent job scheduling with SAP processing.
  • Manage complex SAP workflows with consistent problem identification, cause verification, and automatic job response capabilities.
  • Reduce operational costs, reduce errors, and increase automation across your SAP ecosystem, including SAP/R3 ABAP, Netweaver, Business Warehouse Process Chains and InfoPackages, Process Integration, Data Archiving jobs and Business Objects reports.

Video: Does your SAP installation rock?

Get the scheduler your powerful SAP installation deserves in Control-M. (1:38)

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Automate the SAP workloads that power your business

Single enterprise view

Manage all SAP batch workloads from an easy-to-use, graphical interface.

Speed up deployment of batch services

Use graphical, wizard-based forms that simplify the creation and management of SAP batch jobs.

Easy implementation

Convert SAP jobs to create Control-M definitions with simple extraction and conversion tools.

Improve service level management

Schedule and manage SAP services according to business priorities with the ability to identify and resolve problems before service delivery is disrupted.

Reduce operating expenses

Leverage virtualization and cloud technologies for dynamic provisioning of server resources for ongoing or peak period processing needs.

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  • Maximize hardware and software investments
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce unplanned outages
  • Reduce problems associated with fluctuating workloads
  • Access detailed execution information and enhanced post-processing options that allow results analysis and automatic error recovery

Find the best Control-M integration for your needs

Control-M Integration with Business Applications

Introduce all Control-M capabilities to your business applications, including advanced scheduling criteria, complex dependencies, and quantitative and control resources.

Control-M Integration with IT Applications

Control-M Integration with IT Applications offers faster, more cost-effective workload management for cloud, backup, databases, web services, Java, and messaging.

Control-M Self Service

BMC Control-M Self Service lets business users see their scheduled work and perform basic tasks in real time, improving productivity and reducing costs.

"We have job flows that start a batch process in one SAP system, transfer the data to another for processing, and then return the processed data back to the first system. Some jobs have to run every minute. We just couldn’t handle this workload complexity and volume without the automation provided by Control-M."

— Stephan Conrad, ICT-System-Specialist Professional, The Coop Group
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