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Organizations continue to employ big data analytics to help them gain insights and operational efficiencies that can transform their business.  And Hadoop® has become the most widely adopted technology framework for big data deployments.

Managing your big data ecosystem

Like any environment in your data center, the Hadoop ecosystem requires planning, monitoring and ongoing management. Otherwise, inefficiencies occur that can significantly increase capital and operational expenses and delay the delivery of big data application results – and even lead to big data application failures.

BMC provides a Hadoop solution set that lets you automate the planning and management of your Hadoop infrastructure, applications, and workloads, so you can optimize your investment and gain important insights faster.

Control-M for Hadoop is a workload automation solution that simplifies and automates the creation and management of Hadoop jobs and workflows.

Control-M Application Integrator is a workload automation design tool that lets you easily connect applications and processes so big data services are quickly and reliably delivered to customers.

TrueSight Capacity Optimization for Hadoop is a capacity management solution that lets you plan, manage and optimize the use of your Hadoop IT infrastructure resources.

Discovery (formerly ADDM) automatically identifies and models your complete big data infrastructure so you keep control over how it delivers business services.

Hadoop Basics: An Introduction to Hadoop explains everything you need to know about Hadoop & Big Data, benefits, risks, security issues, and more.

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“Big data workflows are growing rapidly in leading-edge organizations. When it is time to move these projects into full production, the challenge is to do so quickly by bridging the world of Hadoop to the existing application landscape. Hadoop support in Control-M workload automation gives customers that capability."

— George Gilbert, Big Data and Analytics analyst, Wikibon

Seamless integration with the Hadoop ecosystem and certified by Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR


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"BMC's TrueSight Capacity Optimization integration with Cloudera Manager...allows organizations to better understand existing big data environments and plan for future business workloads."

— Tim Stevens, Vice President of Business and Corporate Development, Cloudera
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