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TrueSight Capacity Optimization

TrueSight  Capacity Optimization

Align IT resources to business demand

BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization 10 helps enterprises to stay lean and competitive by aligning IT to business goals based on capacity usage patterns, predicted growth, and planned projects.

  • Gain visibility into capacity utilization at the resource, service, and business level.
  • Support timely decision-making on IT investments.
  • Increase agility, reduce IT costs, and minimize business risks.

Video: Manage IT complexity and align IT to Business

TrueSight Capacity Optimization gives full capacity and cost visibility of your IT environment to support effective decision-making aligned to business priorities. (2:20)

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Promote IT modernization and business agility

TrueSight Capacity Optimization combines extensive platform support, agentless data integration capabilities, and powerful analytics to support the capacity management and planning use cases you need to modernize IT and achieve business agility.

Extensive platform support

Manage the capacity of all your resources, including compute (physical, virtual, and cloud), databases, storage, network and more. Get full-stack visibility into clouds based on OpenStack, vCloud and other technologies.

Advanced analytics

Leverage advanced analytics to plan resource provisioning and reservations, aligning to expected business growth and new business demand.

Capacity and cost visibility

Support timely decision-making on IT investments. Provide capacity and cost visibility to all stakeholders from a technical, service, and business perspective.

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Take a closer look

  • Analyze resource utilization based on usage profiles, seasonality, and other business cycles.
  • Identify under- and over-utilized resources and get recommendations for avoiding risks and improving efficiency.
  • Predict resource shortages and get automatic notifications before quality of service is impacted.
  • Generate by-exception capacity reports that are automatically published and distributed.
  • Plan data center consolidation, virtualization, and cloud initiatives with confidence.
  • Simulate the impact of expected business growth to determine potential capacity needs.
  • Manage reservations for new projects to ensure safe delivery of services at the expected time.
  • Generate chargeback reports to measure business usage.

“BMC Capacity Management allowed our IT people to ensure performance and avoid risks in our business critical infrastructures and services.”

— Luca Boccardi, Findomestic
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"The new features in version 10.0 move BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization forward in helping its customers more effectively manage capacity in today’s dynamic and hybrid cloud environments."

— Ptak Associates
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