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TrueSight Capacity Optimization

TrueSight  Capacity Optimization

Align IT resources with service demand

BMC TrueSight Capacity Optimization aligns IT resources with service demands and business priorities, resulting in on-time service delivery and optimized costs.

  • Deliver digital services on-time by reserving IT resources for new applications and services when needed.
  • Flex with service demands with the ability to forecast and adjust IT resources to meet peak, cyclic, and future service needs.
  • Optimize costs with the insight to invest in new IT resources only as needed.

Video: Simplify IT resource capacity management

Deliver the right IT resources at the right time (2:20).

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Gain insight to, and control of, the IT resources that deliver your digital services


Ensure you have the IT resources you need for delivering upcoming applications and services.

Business-aware analytics

Model IT resources needs based on service demand – both now and in the future.

Chargeback and showback

Track and report the cost of IT resources to business owners.

Cloud management

Manage private cloud resources to ensure service needs are met and plan for growth as needed.

Extensible ecosystem

Extend capacity and cost management to the IT resources that are most critical for your business services. Visit the Capacity Optimization Exchange.

Take a closer look

  • Reduce capital and operational expenses
  • Gain insight to capacity risks, usage, and efficiency through analytics
  • Divert service failures with threshold settings and alerts
  • Stay informed with 50 out-of-the-box reports
  • Forecast future resource needs using historical data and analytics

Video: Reclaim resources with intelligent capacity management

See how TrueSight gives you a better way to manage available capacity. (6:35)

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“TrueSight gives us a consistent process and toolset for effective management of our massive IT environment.”

— Chris Wimer, Global Capacity Manager, Sanofi
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Digital service performance at its best

TrueSight Capacity Optimization for Hadoop

TrueSight Capacity Optimization for Hadoop optimizes the use of Hadoop IT infrastructure resources, resulting in faster service delivery and reduced costs.

Sentry Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Sentry Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization provides visibility on the capacity of your storage infrastructure to ensure it meets current and future needs, and avoid capacity-related risk.

Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization

Moviri Integrator for TrueSight Capacity Optimization is a suite of connectors that extend customer capacity management processes to IBM Tivoli Monitoring, HP Reporter, Microsoft SCOM Data Warehouse, and Entuity data.

TrueSight Operations Management

BMC TrueSight Operations Management monitors complex IT environments and analyzes diverse data to deliver actionable IT insight that helps you solve business problems.

TrueSight Infrastructure Management

BMC TrueSight Infrastructure Management incorporates network, infrastructure, and data change information and service modeling to offer the earliest, most accurate detection, diagnosis, prioritization, and resolution of service impacts in the industry today.

TrueSight Intelligence

BMC TrueSight Intelligence is an IT operations analytics platform that improves the speed and accuracy of application and digital service decisions by 50%.

"Through 2018, more than 30% of enterprises will use IT infrastructure capacity management tools for their critical infrastructures to gain competitive advantage, up from less than 5% in 2014."

— Gartner
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