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BMC Digital Workplace (formerly MyIT) Acceleration Service

Ensure implementation success with custom communications and enablement

BMC Digital Workplace Acceleration Service offers professional enablement to help IT and company leaders show, tell, and reinforce the value and benefits of the Digital Workplace solution and ensure users acquire the skills required to be effective.

Video: Faster Time to Value – BMC Digital Workplace Acceleration Service

Custom communications and education motivate users and provide quick skills acquisition for both technical and non-technical staff. (1:50)

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Customized to your needs

Our service has two components you can customize based on company-specific messaging and learning needs:

  1. 100% customized enablement video that quickly communicates to users the specific benefits and value of BMC Digital Workplace to the company with a targeted and professional message.
  2. Customizable web-based training (WBT) that demonstrates customer-specific processes and implementation, and can be customer-branded as well. This is a practical how-to for fast skills acquisition, especially for those with non-technical jobs or backgrounds.

With our experience across hundreds of implementations, BMC training content is rich, up-to-date, and optimized for all types of learners.

Key deliverables included in the service

Video: A custom video (6-10 minutes) provides users with your company’s IT vision, intended benefits of BMC Digital Workplace, and highlights of how the user will experience the advantages.

  • Explain your company’s vision and why BMC Digital Workplace is being implemented
  • Explain the benefits that BMC Digital Workplace will provide the viewer
  • Explain how the viewer’s daily routine will be different and better using BMC Digital Workplace

Web-based training: A fully customizable online course (20-60 minutes) teaches students how to use the basic features and functionality of MyIT.

  • Learn how to raise a service request for themselves and on behalf of someone else
  • View notifications, approve/reject a request
  • Search for knowledge articles
  • Update their user profiles

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