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TrueSight Orchestration

Reduce costs and errors through IT process automation

It can lower the cost of server, network, and database audits by up to 25%, reduce MTTR (mean time to resolution) for common service problems up to 35%, and cut manual work by 90%.

Automate IT processes to accelerate service delivery while lowering cost

  • IT Process Automation (ITPA): Execute standard processes through automated workflows to reduce manual intervention and improve consistency
  • Pre-built content: Thousands of pre-built workflows enable fast creation of custom automation use cases
  • Graphical design: Build and maintain workflows through a graphical development studio
  • Application connectivity: Broad range of adapters to simplify integration with multiple technology interfaces
  • Scale and performance: Built on a grid-based architecture as a stateless application to make scaling easier and performance better

Head down the path to automation

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Sneak peek: It Can't Be Done: A Story of 15 Years of Automation in Telstra.

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4 ways TrueSight Orchestration gives you a competitive edge

Stop chasing routine events—automate resolution


High volumes of system, network, and application events can bog down your operations team with recurring problems. TrueSight Orchestration automates the resolution of recurring events that have standard remediation processes. TrueSight Orchestration works with TrueSight Operations Management and other event management solutions to take IT Operations from incident response to automated, proactive problem management.

  • Use the machine learning capabilities in TrueSight Operations to identify automation candidates
  • Get a holistic view into the health and security of your IT infrastructure including security events
  • Validate an event or fault, create an incident and change ticket, automatically execute remediation, and close out change record
  • Accelerate MTTR while reducing human error and support costs
  • Improve employee morale by reducing repetitive work
  • Support collaborative development in GitHub and the BMC Community

Simplify process compliance without administrative burden

Simplify process compliance without administrative burden

Servers are updated frequently with patches and configuration changes to improve performance or close security vulnerabilities. Each of these changes must be tested, approved, and documented. TrueSight Orchestration works with TrueSight Automation for Servers, and TrueSight Automation for Networks to automate process compliance while reducing labor cost and errors.

  • Create incidents and change requests automatically
  • Automatically execute remediation and close out change records
  • Create audit-ready, traceable processes to prove compliance
  • Reduce application downtime from unplanned changes

Deliver IT services faster, without manual touch

Deliver IT services faster, without manual touch

Organizations are modernizing their service desk operations with mobile access and newer web interfaces. However, each call to the service desk requires human interaction, even for routine, repeatable tasks. TrueSight Orchestration works with BMC Helix ITSM and other service desks to automate fulfillment of self-service requests.

  • Shift from costly Level 1 and Level 2 support to self-service automated fulfillment, such as for account unlock, password reset, access to systems and applications, and employee onboarding
  • Integrate with leading service management software for process approval and compliance
  • Save money and time by automating manual service desk processes
  • Improve quality of service and customer satisfaction with consistent results

Consolidate data faster and easier by eliminating resource-intensive customization

Deliver IT services faster, without manual touch

Integrating your service desk data internally and with partners helps foster communication, speed problem resolution, and improve customer satisfaction. The VIPCON E-Bonding Runbook accelerates integrations with partner and internal service desk systems so that you can focus on delivering superior customer service.

  • Rapidly create configurable high-performance interfaces with out-of-the-box integration
  • Integrate VIPCON E-Bonding Runbook with Remedy Service Management Suite and third-party service desks
  • Standard, reusable interfaces

Getting started with TrueSight Orchestration is easy