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Recovery for IMS

Recovery for IMS

Recover from outages at top-speed

No amount of precaution, planning, or expertise can completely protect your databases from unplanned outages. However, with BMC Recovery for IMS 8, you can ensure that recovering from those outages will be a fast, painless process. Use this solution to:
  • Dramatically reduce the time it takes to perform recovery tasks, thanks to a suite of high-speed utilities.
  • Produce encrypted image copies for recovery, while keeping your databases online for other processing.
  • Perform recovery tasks for multiple databases simultaneously, while automatically checking for and resolving errors.

Automate and simplify recovery tasks

Recovery for IMS combines high-powered recovery capabilities with an array of tools that help maximize your databases’ recoverability. Overhaul your recovery strategy with better tools for creating image copies, performing change accumulation, simplifying object handling, and executing the recoveries themselves.

Pre-recovery prep

Keep your databases in good order with automatic recovery point creation, group validation, and asset checking.

Encrypted, low-impact image copies

Use the Snapshot Copy feature to produce image copies quickly and without interrupting availability.

Automatic job restarts

Prevent failed jobs from slowing down recovery with the Automated Restart feature, which will resubmit them.

Powerful recovery methods

Recover one or more databases concurrently, using your choice of methods: point in time, roll-forward, or full recovery (single- or two-phase).

Faster, low-impact change accumulation

Save time and resources by processing multiple change accumulation groups with a single pass of the log data sets.

Concurrent pointer checking support

Verify physical and logical database pointers during image copy and recovery processes to ensure structural integrity.

Index rebuild function

If indexes are lost or damaged, rebuild them—instead of recovering from an image copy—to save yourself the hassle of making, maintaining and managing index image copies.

Ongoing recovery preparedness

Get notified about conditions that could negatively impact recoverability with the Recovery Advisor feature.

Support for multiple formats

Enjoy support for all IMS database types, including Full Function, HALDB, Fast Path and BMC Partitioned Database Facility.

Comprehensive analytics

Gain valuable insights into your recoveries—past and present—with interactive charts, graphs and reports.

Enjoy a more resilient IMS environment

  • With automated validation and error-checking, you can count on a smooth, reliable recovery process.
  • Don’t worry about disruptions during recovery—failed jobs will be automatically restarted.
  • Safeguard your SLAs by monitoring for and resolving issues that could interfere with future recoveries.

Products included in this solution

The BMC Recovery for IMS solution is made up of the following products, all of which are designed to make recoveries faster, more efficient, and virtually error-free.

  • Change Accumulation Plus for IMS

    Speed up your change accumulation with BMC Change Accumulation Plus for IMS. Process multiple change accumulation groups in a single pass of your log data sets. Perform faster sorting as well, using multiple small sort tasks with the option to sort different key lengths. Reduce tape-related expenses by stacking multiple change accumulation data sets.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Recovery for IMS

  • Image Copy Plus for IMS

    BMC Image Copy Plus for IMS takes advantage of Snapshot technology to perform image copies quickly and efficiently, with no downtime. You’ll be able to produce image copies without competing for online IMS resources, so you can keep your databases available for other processing. Enjoy advanced options for concurrent copying, compression, and encrypted image copies.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Recovery for IMS

  • Recovery Manager for IMS

    Optimize the recoverability of your databases with BMC Recovery Manager for IMS. With this utility, you can automate many of the standard recovery processes. Simplify handling by grouping related recoverable objects. Automatically execute the validation and rebuilding of database groups. Check recovery assets to ensure that the necessary data sets are available prior to recovery. Create additional recovery points to help you meet your service level agreements. Use the Disaster Recovery RECON Cleanup feature to prepare RECON data sets for IMS startup and recovery.


    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Recovery for IMS

  • Recovery Plus for IMS

    Boost the efficiency of your recovery processes with BMC Recovery Plus for IMS. Choose from a variety of recovery methods, including point in time (PIT), roll-forward, and full recovery (with single- or two-phase methods). Recover multiple databases concurrently, with one pass of log and change accumulation data sets. Enjoy faster log processing with multiple log readers. Perform recoveries with no required change accumulation or logging. Produce multiple output image copies during recovery.

    This product is available as a part of the following offering. Recovery for IMS