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Database Accessories for IMS

Database Accessories for IMS

Master your database administration

Support your database administrators with BMC’s selection of IMS tools, each of which is easy to use and offers powerful features and functionality. These products—each sold separately—will help you:
  • Manage your database maintenance more proactively with MAXM Database Advisor for IMS.
  • Control your database capacity and compression for a more efficient IMS environment.
  • Boost the performance and availability of your databases with high-speed, low-impact processes.
  • Gain valuable insights that will help you perform common database maintenance tasks more proactively.

Streamline your data, optimize your maintenance

These products solve some of the most common challenges of maintaining healthy IMS databases, giving your DBAs the tools they need to improve performance and availability. Read on for a quick summary of what each product does and then scroll down for more in-depth descriptions.

  • Dramatically expand the capacity of your existing databases with Partitioned Database Facility for IMS.
  • Compress your data for improved performance and efficiency with Database Compression for IMS

Find the right tool for the job

Choose from our standalone IMS database products, each of them designed to improve the efficiency and ease with which you can maintain your IMS environment.

  • Partitioned Database Facility for IMS

    Create database partitions to dramatically expand the capacity of your existing databases—without having to redesign them—with BMC Partitioned Database Facility. Use this utility to target databases with capacity or performance issues, and keep your partitions transparent so your applications can keep running, uninterrupted. Plus, with features for grouping data sets, maintaining logical relationships, and creating multiple secondary indexes, the Partitioned Database Facility will drastically improve the performance and availability of your databases, as well.

    This product is available as a standalone offering

  • Database Compression for IMS

    Compression is one of the biggest steps you can take toward running a more efficient IMS database. Stay within capacity limits, use your buffers more efficiently, and run maintenance jobs faster with BMC Database Compression for IMS. Use the built-in estimator to determine which of the eight available compression methods will save you the most space. Round out your compression management toolkit with advanced features for database reorganizations, batch segment dumps, and security exit routines. Database Compression for IMS includes support for full-function, HALDB, Fast Path, and BMC partitioned databases.

    Datasheet: BMC Database Compression for IMS