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Database Integrity for IMS

Database Integrity for IMS

Protect the integrity of your IMS data

Prevent database corruption with BMC Database Integrity for IMS. Use this solution to defend against anything that threatens the integrity of your IMS data, from pointer errors to control block mismatches. The tools in this solution will help you:
  • Perform validation checks during database procedures to mitigate risks and avoid costly errors.
  • Analyze the structures and relationships in your database so you can locate and repair problems.
  • Manage space utilization efficiently, improving performance and availability.

Verify and analyze to avoid errors

Keep your databases safe from corruption by using Database Integrity for IMS to actively validate data structures and analyze resource usage. A collection of mapping, analysis, reporting, and management features make it easy to keep your data in mint condition.

Top to bottom validation

Automatically check for errors and mismatches at every level, from pointers and control blocks to segments and configuration items.

Proactive analysis

Boost efficiency by keeping a close eye on your space utilization and identifying areas for improvement.

Interactive analytics and visualizations

Take advantage of interactive charts, graphs, and reports so you can quickly spot trends and potential issues.

Structure and relationship mapping

Gain a comprehensive view of structure and hierarchy with tools for mapping, labeling, and validating your data.

Advanced control block maintenance

Avert mismatches with tools for cross-referencing, mapping, auditing, disassembling, and comparing control blocks.

Powerful, intuitive interface

Empower your IMS DBAs—be they novices or seasoned experts—with an easy-to-use ISPF interface.

Support for multiple database types

Put this solution to work with any IMS database, whether full-function, HALDB, Fast Path, or BMC Partitioned Database Facility.

Cut down on delays and disruptions

  • Save yourself from costly recoveries by catching and correcting problems before they occur.
  • Enhance your DBA’s productivity with intuitive tools to help them maintain integrity.
  • Understand your database usage more clearly, with interactive analytical reports.

“BMC Pointer Checker Plus gives us the information we need concerning the database structure.”

— Uwe Streiber, Database Manager, Commerzbank
Read the Commerzbank story

Products included in this solution

The Database Integrity for IMS solution is made up of the following products, all of which are designed to safeguard the integrity of your data at every level.

  • Pointer Checker Plus for IMS

    Improve availability by validating pointers during image copy and recovery tasks with BMC Pointer Checker Plus for IMS. You’ll be able to proactively monitor database space utilization, diagnose and repair structural problems, and manage your IMS environment through a graphical user interface. The utility also provides interactive charts and tables that display current state and historical information about jobs, databases, database partitions, data sets, and segments in the DBA Toolkit.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Database Integrity for IMS

  • Database Integrity Plus for IMS

    Eliminate the most common cause of database corruption by preventing control block and data set mismatches with BMC Database Integrity Plus for IMS. You’ll be able to easily verify that a PSB was built from the same DBD that was used to load the database. This utility allows for the mapping, disassembling and comparison of control blocks, as well as showing database segments and their hierarchical relationships. The Library Interrogator feature provides powerful options for handling control block mismatch problems and library management tasks.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Database Integrity for IMS

  • Fast Path Analyzer/EP

    Gain valuable insight into your DEDBs with BMC Fast Path Analyzer/EP, a utility that allows you to view and analyze statistics on your databases with minimal downtime. Examine, verify, and view reports on pointer data, including segment pointers, root addressable pointers (RAPs), and SDEP pointers. Current and historical reports can help you monitor and manage performance characteristics, space usage, and physical attributes of DEDBs. You can also use the tool to model the effect of potential DEDB changes before performing them. Auxiliary features also allow VSAM zap/dumps, reporting on SDEP space usage, and invocation of DEDB randomizing routines.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Database Integrity for IMS, Database Reorganization for IMS