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BMC SQL Performance for DB2

Identify and resolve SQL performance problems quickly

Identify and resolve SQL performance problems quickly to improve response time and reduce peak MIPS

This solution:

  • Pinpoints poorly performing SQL quickly and easily in all phases of the application lifecycle
  • Compares workload access paths to identify changes when SQL is migrated across DB2 environments
  • Analyzes index usage and models changes to indexing strategy
  • Gathers and manages historical performance data for trending and analysis
  • Provides Performance Advisors to intelligently automate application tuning
  • Offloads up to 80% of data collection work to zIIP engines

With BMC SQL Performance for DB2, you will:

  • Reduce costs and delay expensive upgrades
  • Improve response times
  • Efficiently manage SQL performance throughout the application life cycle
  • Reduce the risk of introducing inefficient application code in a production environment
  • Avoid unnecessary reorganizations


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