BMC Control-O

Business Challenge

Production event management is complex and vital for the success of business processes. It is very important to quickly identify event occurrences and efficiently notify administrators so that they can correct them swiftly. Data centers can not predict all problematic events prior to their occurrence or know at what critical time during production they will take place. An unattended event may result in significant business damages including a loss of money and time.

Business Need

  • Maximize the use of limited resources
  • Manage external events as part of production scheduling
  • Prevent external events from affecting production

Our Solution

BMC Control-O is an automated systems operations solution that provides console management that automatically detects and responds to system events. This product provides a straightforward, templated rule definition mechanism. This easy implementation method saves time, prevents errors and reduces learning curves.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Decreases recovery time from system exceptions by automatically anticipating and correcting potential errors
  • Saves on implementation time and reduces learning curve by utilizing rule definition instead of macro coding
  • Reduces manual intervention by automating external event management
  • Maximizes hardware and software productivity by making the best use of system availability time