BMC Control-M/Tape

Business Challenge

Information technology is constantly changing to meet the growing needs of the organization. High capacity tape management hardware, such as virtual tape servers (VTS) and automated tape libraries (ATL), is used to maximize removable media usage and to provide a higher return on tape storage investments. As a company grows and media costs increase, companies will require advanced tape management systems to capitalize on technology investments, while consolidating traditional tape libraries.

Business Need

  • Maximize capacity of each tape cartridge
  • Manage tape libraries from a central location
  • Consolidate traditional tape libraries
  • Capitalize on new tape hardware investments

Our Solution

BMC Control-M/Tape is a tape management system that fully supports and enhances advanced technologies such as VTS, ATL and high capacity removable media. The implementation of the intelligent stacking feature will improve the return on tape investment by maximizing the capacity on each tape cartridge. This product helps you increase user productivity and reduce training time through a focal point of control and extensive media management capabilities. BMC Control-M/Tape supports virtual tape servers and automated tape libraries from many different vendors such as IBM, StorageTek, EMC and ADIC.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Maximizes the capacity of each physical cartridge and reduces physical cartridge quantity by using an intelligent dynamic and batch stacking facility
  • Offers complete tape management – retention period, pool allocation, vault patterns, tape information, and online activities via a rule-based system
  • Makes native volume migration into new tape technology possible via an automatic process
  • Enables logical volume transfer, whether to another data center or to a vault, by automatically exporting volumes from the VTS


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