BMC Control-M/Restart

Business Challenge

For organizations to effectively meet their goals, it is necessary for them to have accurate, on-time completion of business-critical processes. Problems that occur during batch processing are often caused by manual job restarts because they are inaccurate, slow and error-prone. These problems can have detrimental effects and must be resolved immediately.

Business Need

  • Avoid delays and improve efficiency
  • Cut down error-prone manual job restarts
  • Resolve problem situations quickly and efficiently
  • Save processing time and computer resources

Our Solution

BMC Control-M/Restart is a job restart product that is fully integrated with the BMC Control-M for z/OS scheduling system. It eliminates time-consuming manual intervention and potential errors providing fast, efficient and accurate restarts. As part of the BMC Control-M scheduling system, information is consolidated through a single interface addressing the high-risk, error-prone nature of job restart.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Saves processing time and resources and ensures that service levels are met by eliminating time-consuming manual intervention and potential errors
  • Guarantees a smooth business process flow by offering restart simulations
  • Prevents problems by automating the management of complex restart scenarios
  • Increases restart management productivity through integration with Control-M


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