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Capacity Optimization & Capacity Management

Part of the BMC ProactiveNet Performance Management Suite

Automatically analyze, forecast, and optimize performance and capacity across all resources (IT and business) and environments — physical, virtual, and cloud

The product provides:

  • Holistic capacity management for all data center resources, including physical and virtual servers, cloud environments, databases, storage, applications, middleware, networks, facilities, business KPIs, and more
  • Business-aware capacity planning to manage IT capacity from a business perspective
  • Consolidation, virtualization, and cloud planning that identifies the best allocation of existing and hypothetical workloads according to technical and business constraints
  • Automated and by-exception capacity analysis, forecasts and reports and predictive alerts based on forecasted capacity issues
  • Integrated performance, configuration, cloud, and capacity management to enable proactive, business-aligned IT operations

With BMC Capacity Optimization, you will:

  • Deliver optimal business service performance by optimizing capacity across all data center resources
  • Increase IT agility to meet rapidly changing business demands
  • Optimize resource allocation and workload placement in modern physical, virtual, and cloud environments
  • Increase staff productivity with actionable views of all resources (server, storage and network) and levels (component, cloud construct, business-service and data center)
  • Reduce cost by continuously optimizing IT capacity to meet business demand 


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