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Database Reorganization for IMS

Database Reorganization for IMS

Reorganize faster and smarter

Database reorganizations are a great way to improve performance and resource usage, but they typically require considerable effort and lengthy outages. BMC Database Reorganization for IMS lets you reap all the benefits of reorganizing, with only a fraction of the cost and inconvenience. With this solution, you’ll be able to:
  • Focus on smaller, targeted reorganization tasks that require no downtime and will deliver the most impact for the lowest cost.
  • Add online support, so you can perform complete reorganizations with virtually no outages.
  • Streamline your reorg processes with integrated features for creating image copies, generating optimized JCL, and analyzing reorganization statistics.

Focus reorganizations where they’re needed most

By only reorganizing the records that need it—instead of the entire database—Database Reorganization for IMS can drastically reduce your maintenance windows and cut costs. The comprehensive reorganization management interface makes your reorg processes more effective and simpler to execute.

Online, targeted reorg tasks

Find trouble spots and correct them with targeted reorg tasks that don’t require any downtime.

Simple one-step process

Skip manual image copies—they’re created automatically as part of the reorg process.

Add-ons for online reorganization

Add optional support for performing full reorganizations while keeping your databases online.

Inclusion of related databases

Automatically include logically related databases in your reorganizations.

Reorganization analytics

View a collection of current and over-time reorg statistics to help inform future maintenance decisions.

Support for all database types

Use the solution for any IMS database type, including Full Function, HALDB, Fast Path, and BMC Partitioned Database Facility.

Web-based interface

Empower your DBAs, regardless of their IMS experience level, with an easy-to-use, web-based interface.

Keep databases online, while changes happen

Keep your original database online and available, while you test and implement restructure or compression changes without interruption.

“MAXM Reorg/Online for IMS helps us live up to our slogan ‘always by your side,’ which speaks to our commitment to providing all of our customers with the very best in services and solutions.”

— Agung Darmawan, Vice President of IT, Bank Central Asia
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Higher availability, lower costs

  • Keep your databases at peak performance with minimal outages.
  • Relieve your DBAs from the burden of frequent large-scale reorganizations.
  • Automate time-consuming steps in the reorg process.

Products included in this solution

The Database Reorganization for IMS solution includes the following products, all of which are designed to lessen the impact and increase the effectiveness of database reorganizations.

  • MAXM Reorg/EP for IMS

    BMC MAXM Reorg/EP for IMS combines all the capabilities you need for successful offline reorganization of your IMS Full Function and HALDB databases – unload, load, reorg, index build, image copy, prefix resolution and more. Extract for IMS provides an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for application developers and DBAs to perform extracts themselves. In addition, the DBA Toolkit provides a web-based interface to manage IMS databases and view statistics. Identify and eliminate problems spots in your databases, without having to take your database offline. Cut down on the frequency of complete database reorganizations, by resolving smaller structural problems on an as needed basis.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Database Reorganization for IMS

  • Fast Path Reorg/EP

    BMC Fast Path Reorg/EP lets you reclaim space and restructure databases with minimal database downtime. By delivering increased speed and flexibility, Fast Path Reorg/EP helps you plan and execute DEDB maintenance operations more effectively. Perform targeted DEDB reorganization by focusing only on units of work (UOWs) that are disorganized, leaving organized UOWs unaffected. This lets you perform space reclamation efficiently, without the high impact of unload and reload processing. Functions for rapid database changes, IOVF and SDEP extension, and more efficient unloading and reloading also help streamline your reorgs.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Database Reorganization for IMS

  • Fast Path Analyzer/EP

    Gain valuable insight into your DEDBs with BMC Fast Path Analyzer/EP, a utility that allows you to view and analyze statistics on your databases with minimal downtime. Examine, verify, and view reports on pointer data, including segment pointers, root addressable pointers (RAPs), and SDEP pointers. Current and historical reports can help you monitor and manage performance characteristics, space usage, and physical attributes of DEDBs. You can also use the tool to model the effect of potential DEDB changes before performing them. Auxiliary features also allow VSAM zap/dumps, reporting on SDEP space usage, and invocation of DEDB randomizing routines.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Database Integrity for IMS™, Database Reorganization for IMS

Add support for online reorganization for full-function databases

With the Full-Function Online Reorg add-on, you can run complete database reorganizations on your full-function databases with minimal downtime.

  • MAXM Reorg/Online for IMS

    Reorganize an entire database and leave it online for updates during the bulk of the reorg using MAXM Reorg/Online for IMS. This utility will capture all updates made to the database during the reorg, and automatically apply those changes to the reorganized database at the end of the reorg. It will also automatically swap data set names and put the reorganized database online. (Note: Once reorg tasks are complete, a short outage is required during the swap process.)

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Database Reorganization for IMS

Add support for online reorganization for Fast Path databases

With the BMC Fast Path Online Reorg add-on on, you can run complete database reorganizations on your Fast Path databases with minimal downtime.

  • Fast Path Online Reorg/EP

    Reclaim or extend space in DEDBs with no database downtime using Fast Path Online Reorg/EP. This utility provides advanced online reorganization functions that enable you to target only the units of work (UOWs) that require reorganization. This eliminates unnecessary I/O, and more importantly, dramatically reduces logging overhead on the IMS subsystem during an online reorganization. Fast Past Online Reorg/EP also includes an extend function that lets you increase the size of IOVF and SDEP storage portions of a DEDB during reorganization without taking the database offline.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Database Reorganization for IMS

  • Fast Path Recovery Utility

    The BMC Fast Path Recovery Utility provides a rapid method for recovering all DEDBs with complete integrity prior to an IMS cold start. This effectively reduces the downtime required from hours to only a few minutes. Fast Path Recovery Utility automatically selects and acquires all information and resources needed for successful recovery, performs the recovery functions, and produces a set of comprehensive audit trail reports. In addition, it also provides an override capability so you can specify the checkpoint IDs and the log data sets to be used for the recovery process.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Fast Path Utilities for IMS, Database Reorganization for IMS

  • Fast Path Online Restructure/EP

    Make structural changes to your Fast Path IMS databases without interrupting their availability with BMC Fast Path Online Restructure/EP. In addition to adding, removing and resizing areas, this tool will also allow you to make changes to the randomizing routines used in your database. Segment editing features will help you modify the lengths of variable segments, create SDEP segments, or add segments at the end of hierarchical paths. Finally, the tool provides options for adding, changing or removing compression exits.

    This product is available as a part of the following offerings: Database Reorganization for IMS