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BMC Compuware Topaz Workbench provides an intuitive interface that enables developers of all skill levels to be quickly productive. The integrated UI provides access to all the tools in the Topaz suite and Compuware’s other industry-leading developer tools—Abend-AID, File-AID, ISPW, Strobe and Xpediter—as well as non-Compuware products and distributed solutions.

Modern IDE for mainframe development, testing, and maintenance

Access BMC Compuware development tools through Topaz Workbench to provide a frictionless, visually intuitive experience to make changes to code, test and debug, and tune performance. Topaz Workbench integrates mainframe development into distributed-environment interfaces, making mainframe development different only in syntax.

  • Leverage intelligent multi-language source code editors to streamline creation and maintenance
  • Intuitive interface to browse, edit, move and search mainframe sequential, indexed, VSAM, Db2, IMS and z/OS UNIX data
  • Use JES functions like job submission, review, print and purge
  • Modern debugging for mainframe-hosted COBOL, PL/I, C language and HLASM
  • Leverage integrations with industry-leading tools and comprehensive API and CLI capabilities that allow users to extend or integrate into Topaz, or use capabilities outside of Eclipse
Improve Mainframe Development

Ease, speed, and improve mainframe development

Topaz Workbench makes it easy for developers quickly adapt mainframe applications to meet today’s digital business needs. It integrates with several solutions to help improve the quality, velocity, and efficiency of mainframe software development.

  • BMC Compuware File-Aid: Search, Browse, Edit, and Compare Data
  • BMC Compuware Xpediter: Interactive analysis, debugging, Code Coverage with BMC Compuware
  • BMC Compuware ISPW: Build and deploy mainframe applications via modern CI/CD practices
  • BMC Compuware Abend-AID: Identify, Analyze, and Diagnose Application and System Abends
  • Parasoft SOAtest: Quickly and easily test API calls between mainframe and non-mainframe systems
  • BMC Compuware Strobe: Tune Mainframe Application Performance
  • Integrate with other DevOps and mainframe tools such as SonarSource SonarLint, Atlassian Jira, ASG-Pro/JCL, SEA JCLplus+ Remote and $AVERS, Parasoft SOAtest

Sneak peek: See how you can analyze and edit mainframe programs quicker and more efficiently.

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Getting started with Topaz Workbench is easy