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What's New in Mainframe Solutions

Learn what's in our latest quarterly release


BMC MainView has transformed into BMC AMI Ops. Customers will experience next-level mainframe operational resiliency, AI-powered observability, an intuitive user interface with embedded expertise, actionable insights, and enterprise platform interoperability. These innovations empower organizations to:

  • Identify and respond to problems before they affect service levels with AI/ML-driven intelligent insights
  • Turn data into information with actionable insights into systems using intelligent automation and remediation capabilities
  • Speed manual identification and resolution with a simplified and intuitive user experience designed for new and experienced mainframers
  • Enable secure communication between enterprise platforms with REST API support for automation, e.g. sending events to BMC Helix
Introducing BMC AMI Ops
BMC AMI Security

BMC AMI Security

Automatic protection, detection, and response to threat events on the mainframe.

  • Increased detection and response capabilities with AMI Security’s out-of-the-box security checks, and additional indicators of compromise
  • An integration with Compuware Application Audit gives real-time insights into user behaviors on the mainframe, such as successful logins, session keyboard commands, menu selections, and more

Compuware zAdviser and Topaz for Total Test

Improve software delivery quality, velocity, and efficiency.

  • zAdviser’s new dashboards provide visibility into which Compuware development tools are underutilized—and by whom—to help development organizations reap the full value of their tools
  • Expanded automated testing capabilities in Topaz for Total Test simplify test case creation, increase test coverage through negative testing, reduce rework, and improve application quality
Compuware zAdviser and Topaz for Total Test

Product Innovations and Updates

Scheduler Intelligence with Control-M and ThruPut Manager

A new integration between Control-M and Compuware ThruPut Manager joins two marquee products to create end-to-end batch optimization. ThruPut Manager uses data from Control-M to customize the prioritization of jobs and make intelligent job selection decisions, ensuring jobs run at or before their expected times. Organizations can:

  • Improve batch performance and optimize resource allocation
  • Further automate operations reducing the need for manual batch intervention and increasing batch throughput
  • Protect uptime and availability and meet SLA goals

BMC AMI Ops Insight

Detect problems impacting mainframe system health and performance before they happen.

  • Now includes an embedded diagnostic workflow that guides the user on how to start their event investigation, shortening the MTTR. Also provides the construct to incorporate Diagnostic information in future releases
  • Makes problem diagnosis easier by identifying LPAR Level KPIGroups to understand if the problem is with the LPAR vs. simply looking at individual Db2 groups

BMC MainView for Networks becomes BMC AMI Ops for Networks

Total visibility and control over mainframe network resources. Includes:

  • BMC AMI Ops Automation for z/OS formerly MainView AutoOPERATOR for z/OS
  • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for IP formerly MainView for IP

BMC MainView Monitoring becomes BMC AMI Ops Monitoring

Better performance and availability of your environments. Includes:

  • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for z/OS formerly MainView for z/OS
  • BMC AMI Ops SYSPROG Services formerly MainView SYSPROG Services
  • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Unix Systems Services (USS) formerly MainView Unix Systems Services (USS)
  • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CMF formerly MainView CMF Monitor

BMC MainView Automation becomes BMC AMI Ops Automation for Data Centers

Improve staff productivity and problem resolution. Includes:

  • BMC AMI Ops Automation for z/OS formerly MainView AutoOPERATOR for z/OS
  • BMC AMI Console Management

BMC MainView Message Management becomes BMC AMI Ops for Messaging

Complete, digital business-ready, central management of IBM MQ resources. Includes:

  • BMC AMI Ops Automation for MQ formerly MainView AutoOPERATOR for MQ
  • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for MQ formerly MainView for MQ

BMC AMI Storage

Simplify complex mainframe storage environments and manage from a single point of control. Includes:

  • BMC AMI Storage Allocation formerly MainView SRM Allocation
  • BMC AMI Storage Automation formerly SRM Enterprise Storage Automation
  • BMC AMI Storage Reporting formerly BMC MainView SRM Reporting

BMC MainView for Db2® Management becomes BMC AMI Ops for Db2®

Provides advice on improving performance of Db2. Includes:

  • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Db2® formerly MainView for Db2®
  • BMC AMI Pool Advisor for Db2® formerly BMC Pool Advisor for Db2®

BMC MainView for IMS Management becomes BMC AMI Ops for IMS

Delivers an comprehensive view of everything that happens in your IMS environment. Includes:

  • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for IMS Online formerly MainView for IMS Online
  • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for IMS Offline formerly MainView for IMS Offline
  • BMC AMI Ops Automation for IMS formerly MainView AutoOPERATOR for IMS
  • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for DBCTL formerly MainView DBCTL

BMC MainView for CICS Management beomes BMC AMI Ops for CICS

Centralized control to maximixe the efficiency of your CICS subsystems. Includes:

  • BMC AMI Ops Automation for CICS formerly MainView AutoOPERATOR for CICS
  • BMC AMI Ops Monitor for CICS formerly MainView for CICS

Intelligent Capping for zEnterprise® becomes BMC AMI Ops Automation for Capping

Automate workload capping to avoid risk and optimize costs.

BMC MainView for Java Environments becomes BMC AMI Ops Monitor for Java Environments

Increase awareness of Java usage.

MainView AutoOPERATOR becomes BMC AMI Ops Automation

Improve staff productivity and problem resolution.

  • REST APIs can be used from within AO Rules and Execs, opening up a rich set of capabilities to simplify and make automation more powerful
    • BMC MainView AutoOPERATOR Tapeshare becomes BMC AMI Ops Automation TapeSHARE
    • BMC MainView AutoOPERATOR Access NV becomes BMC AMI Ops Automation Access NV

BMC MainView Batch Optimizer becomes BMC AMI Batch Optimizer

Optimize batch workloads. Options:

  • BMC AMI Batch Optimizer - Advanced
  • BMC AMI Barth Optimizer - Standard

BMC IMS becomes BMC AMI Data for IMS

The IMS portfolio has been transformed into BMC AMI Data for IMS. Optimize mainframe IMS transaction and data management so you can improve availability of critical business services, meet and exceed SLAs, and accelerate software delivery—all with fewer resources.

  • BMC AMI Database Advisor for IMS provides a new, intuitive interface to improve the user experience with summary information about the most critical databases and their status
  • BMC AMI Log Analyzer for IMS now has improved in-core memory utilization to allow for more efficient processing of IMS Log records
  • BMC AMI Message Advisor for IMS identifies problems, gives insight into message queue sizes, and allows customized workflows to increase availability and address anomalies

Compuware ISPW

Quickly and safely build, test, and deploy mainframe code. Ensure mainframe code pipelines are secure, stable, and streamlined throughout the DevOps lifecycle.

  • Compuware Topaz usability improvements: ISPW now includes hyperlinks to the Set, Assignment, and Release Views within Task Views in Topaz. Users can easily see the current status of a deployment via the Task, Assignment, Release, Set, and Task History Views links to the Deployment View.
  • Git integration: A pipeline in ISPW can now automatically trigger a Generate or Deploy of changed files without users having to code the logic to determine the changes for the pipeline script.

Compuware Strobe

Mainframe application performance monitoring and analysis to pinpoint application inefficiencies - optimizing CPU usage and cost.

  • Compuware Topaz integration: Strobe Measurement API for Topaz has been updated and expanded to provide the user the full set of web features (including Source Support and SQL Analysis) via JES Explorer

Compuware Topaz Workbench

Enables developers to initiate tasks with Compuware and non-Compuware developer tools.

  • Pervasive encryption support: Now allows for keystore information to inputted when needed for z/OS datasets that utilize pervasive encryption
  • Improved GDG support: Improved handling for GDGs including allocating GDG bases and +1 GDSs, specifying GDSs using the relative generation number, displaying GDSs under a GDG in host explorer, searching across all GDSs in a GDG

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