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ComAround Knowledge

Now part of BMC Helix Knowledge Management

Looking for ComAround Knowledge? It’s now integrated into BMC Helix Knowledge Management, the award-winning, industry-leading knowledge management solution.  


This page is a reference for ComAround Knowledge legacy functionality.

Share consistent, personalized knowledge across channels

ComAround Knowledge is cloud-based AI-driven knowledge management software that generates consistent and personalized knowledge through a unique combination of professional, expert, and data-driven knowledge.

Compared to built-in knowledge tools, ComAround Knowledge is perfectly suited to current and future requirements for sharing knowledge in multiple languages and across a variety of locations, such as:

  • On websites
  • Via customer service and service management platforms
  • Through chatbots, virtual support assistants, and business applications

Aligns with and verified by KCS v6

Knowledge-Centered Service® (KCS) is a best practice methodology that provides a detailed description of how support organizations should work with the knowledge base in order to:

  • Improve service delivery
  • Become more productive
  • Increase service levels to the business

Both BMC Helix Knowledge Management and legacy ComAround Knowledge are KCS v6 Verified.

Legacy features of ComAround Knowledge

  • Knowledge editor with structured article templates enable easy publishing, editing, and importing knowledge articles.
  • Interactive decision trees empower users to self-serve their way to answers.
  • Pre-populated library includes 100,000+ knowledge articles.
  • Automatic knowledge creator helps prevent knowledge gaps.
  • Video recorder enables users to video record solutions for knowledge capturing.
  • Intelligent search with instant search results update as users type.
  • Self-service portal offers a customizable UI.
  • Machine translation automatically translates knowledge articles.
  • AI & machine learning capabilities continually enhance knowledge management.
  • Reporting & analytics with quick dashboards identify knowledge gaps and track KPIs and ROI.
  • KCS-aligned integrations connect knowledge data with service. management solutions, chatbots, and analytics and data visualization tools.
  • Gamification gives encourages users with instant feedback on knowledge.
  • Supported apps include Windows 10, iOS, and Android for desktop and mobile users.
  • Identity and access management integrates with Office 365 Single Sign-On, Azure Active Directory, and OpenID Connect.
  • Microsoft Azure hosting enables high security and easy integrations.

Support your customers in any language

Save time, reduce translation costs, and support customers all over the world. ComAround Knowledge comes with more than 100,000 prepopulated and ready-to-use knowledge articles for standard applications, with auto-translate built-in for local languages.

  • Auto-translate knowledge articles into multiple languages at once—when reading or creating articles—with built-in support for over 100 languages.
  • The prepopulated knowledge base includes articles for Windows and Mac O/S, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Adobe, etc., and is available in 13 languages: English, Español, Pусский, 中文;汉语/漢語, Français, Dansk, Português, Deutsch, Nederlands, Polski, Svenska, Suomi, Norsk bokmål.

Integrate your tools, systems, and applications

For faster and more efficient support throughout the entire support flow, ComAround Knowledge integrates with contact center software, service management tools, incident management systems, and business applications, enabling customer service and technical support to resolve issues without switching tools. End users can find solutions connected with the case registration.

The integration between ComAround Knowledge and your existing solutions will make your system KCS Verified in just days. Thanks to ComAround Connect and the available APIs, the complete solution aligns with all eight KCS principles.

Reports & analytics provide predictive insights

Optimize your knowledge base and make better business decisions with advanced reports and analytics built on Microsoft Power BI. ComAround Knowledge tracks all behavior data and uses real time data in order to:

  • Enable predictive support
  • Prevent knowledge gaps and outdated knowledge

Gamification gives the knowledge workers instant feedback of the value of creating and sharing knowledge. This encourages and motivates creating knowledge “just-in-time”.

AI-powered search makes knowledge accessible

Convert information to knowledge. ComAround Knowledge has an intuitive and verified interface for self-service, making it easy for customers to solve problems without contacting manned support.

  • The AI-Powered Cognitive Search provides a lightning fast and accurate search experience for customers and knowledge workers.
  • Full text search intuitively interprets the users input and language analyzers are used to intelligently handle language-specific linguistics.
  • Faceted navigation and filters, synonyms, auto-complete, and text analysis for “did you mean” and auto-corrected search terms makes finding the right knowledge easy and intuitive.
  • The search experience improves over time based on usage.

Enable powerful and intelligent knowledge across the enterprise.