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BMC Mainframe: Essential Subscription z/OS System Programming Option 2 - Developers & Specialists

This subscription is designed for Developers and Specialists of the mainframe world, and provides a set of courses that will teach the essential skills needed to work in a Z Systems environment.

Using examples, demonstrations, and scenarios, the content of the online education subscription provides a detailed understanding of the z/OS System Programming. In addition, it offers Advanced Assembler, IMS/DB &IMS/TM, and zSecure suite concepts.

The major benefits of the subscription are:

  • Role-based - Pay only for trainings relevant to your role
  • Get More – Continuous access to entire fundamental education portfolio for one product including all courses and certification exams
  • Future Proof - New content and latest releases automatically added at no additional cost so your subscription is always up to date
  • Save Money – You receive for the price of one course the complete Fundamentals learning track including web based and certification exam for free
  • Ease of Use – One-stop-shop to a complete product portfolio of education
  • Flexibility – Train on what you need, when you need it, and how you want to access - multiple learning options (ASP, WBT, ILT, Virtual Instructor Led)

This is an annual subscription and is regularly updated and changed, without notice, based on product updates, improvements, and additions. During the duration of the subscription, users will have access to the latest content without incurring additional fees or being subject to additional registrations.

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) | 440 hours

Learner Objectives

  • Understand Configuration & Implementation of z/OS UNIX System Services
  • Understand RACF for z/OS Systems Programmers
  • Understand RACF Security in a UNIX System Services Environment
  • Understand Internals & Fundamentals of Parallel Sysplex
  • Learn about Operations, Troubleshooting & Recovery in Parallel Sysplex
  • Implementation & Customisation of HSM
  • Get familiar with z/OS Communication Server, System Anatomy (infrastructure & services), UNIX System Services (configuration & implementation), performance & tuning with Workload Manager, diagnostics & debugging and how to resolve problems quickly & effectively
  • Understand TCP/IP Security in a z/OS Environment using Policy Agent & RACF
  • Learn about Advanced Assembler and Macro Usage
  • Learn about IMS/DB & IMS/TM for Technical Support
  • Introduction to Foundation Skills of zSecure Suite

Subscription Courses


  • ILT Course 1: BMC Mainframe: z/OS UNIX System Services Part 2 - Configuration & Implementation
  • ILT Course 2: BMC Mainframe: RACF for z/OS Systems Programmers
  • ILT Course 3: BMC Mainframe: RACF Security in a UNIX System Services Environment
  • ILT Course 4: BMC Mainframe: Parallel Sysplex Internals & Fundamentals
  • ILT Course 5: BMC Mainframe: HSM Implementation & Customisation
  • ILT Course 6: BMC Mainframe: z/OS Communications Server Part 2 - Implementing TCP/IP under z/OS
  • ILT Course 7: BMC Mainframe: Parallel Sysplex: Operations, Troubleshooting & Recovery
  • ILT Course 8: BMC Mainframe: z/OS System Anatomy Part 2 - z/OS Infrastructure & Services
  • ILT Course 9: BMC Mainframe: z/OS Performance & Tuning with Workload Manager
  • ILT Course 10: BMC Mainframe: Advanced Assembler and Macro Usage
  • ILT Course 11: BMC Mainframe: z/OS Diagnostics & Debugging
  • ILT Course 12: BMC Mainframe: TCP/IP Security in a z/OS Environment using Policy Agent & RACF
  • ILT Course 13: BMC Mainframe: z/OS System Problems Resolved - Quickly and Effectively
  • ILT Course 14: BMC Mainframe: IMS/DB & IMS/TM for Technical Support
  • ILT Course 15: BMC Mainframe: zSecure Suite Level 1- Foundation Skills