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BMC AMI Reorg for Db2® 13.x: Fundamentals Using (WBT)

BMC AMI Reorg for Db2® is a product belonging to the BMC AMI utility family. BMC provides this product under the BMC AMI Database Performance for Db2 solution. For Db2 to operate at maximum cost-effectiveness, the physical structures of the database must be organized as efficiently as possible. Without good organization, system performance declines while costs rise in both time and money. This Reorg product responds to the needs of DBAs, system administrators, and other Db2 users who require high-performance database administration and utility products.

This course combines presentations and demonstrations to guide learners through product usage. It also provides an understanding of reorganizing table spaces, reorganizing indexes, and producing image copies. Users learn about different reports that can be generated and analyzed using BMC AMI Reorg.

Major release:

BMC AMI Data 13.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Web Based Training (WBT) | 3 hours

Course Modules

  • Module 1: Getting started with BMC AMI Reorg for Db2®
    • BMC AMI Utilities importance
    • BMC AMI Reorg innovations
    • Reorg JCL component: Jobcard
    • Reorg JCL component: EXEC Statement
    • Reorg JCL component: Required DD Statements
    • Reorg JCL component: Optional DD Statements
    • Reorg JCL component: Reorg Specific DD Statements
    • OUTPUT command for BMC AMI Reorg
  • Module 2: Using BMC AMI Reorg for Db2®
    • RUNSTATS Updates
    • Full Image Copy Support
    • Check INDEX
    • Row Discards
    • REORG INDEX Command
    • Importance of parameters
    • Types of parameters
    • Setting default parameters
    • Concept of Global parameters
  • Module 3: BMC AMI Reorg for Db2® Tasks
    • Reorganizing table spaces
    • Reorganizing indexes
    • Fine-tuning BMC AMI Reorg
    • Restarting jobs
    • Rebalancing partitions
    • Reorganizing objects in REORG-pending (REORP) status
    • Invoking DSNUTILB
    • Producing image copies