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Steel industry leader improves patch deployment success rate 200% with optimal client management


shorter audit prep time


boost in patch deployment


operation of new devices

Business Challenge

The steady growth of Charter Manufacturing, a large, privately held steel and iron company with over 80 years of history, presents a constant challenge to the company’s technology and user services group, which is responsible for supporting all client devices. In a two-year period, the number of devices at the company grew from 300 to 1,000 endpoints.

Keeping software patches up-to-date has been particularly challenging because patch-related machine reboots must be scheduled to avoid interruptions to critical manufacturing processes. The group is also responsible for replacing end-user computers periodically—a process that needs to ensure maximum employee productivity by reducing the time users are without a computer.

BMC Solution

Charter Manufacturing implemented FootPrints to improve IT service management (ITSM) and BMC Helix Client Management to ensure high quality service and timely delivery of new devices.

Business Impact

FootPrints and BMC Helix Client Management are providing clear visibility into all devices and streamlining patch and hardware refresh processes. The results include:

  • The time required to gather software license audit data dropped by 75%.
  • The patch deployment success rate increased from about 30% to more than 90%.
  • Instead of waiting a full day to replace an old computer, users now get a new device almost immediately.
  • Provisioning and configuration of remote computers occurs automatically—with no IT intervention.

“We’ve achieved more with BMC Helix Client Management than with any other asset management product we’ve tried".

— Ed Kraft, Technology and User Services Manager, Charter Manufacturing

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