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Accelerating business transformation with Connected Digital Ops, we channel our innovative drive into our corporate citizenship and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, rapidly advancing sustainable and inclusive growth for our global community.

Prioritizing inclusion


We understand that diverse perspectives are the cornerstone of innovation, and embracing our differences enhances our collective creativity. To foster an equitable career experience, we provide a comprehensive suite of programs that promotes personal and professional growth, ensuring inclusivity across our entire ecosystem. This approach supports our employees, partners, and the communities we serve, reinforcing our commitment to a vibrant and inclusive environment.

Employee Resource Groups

Our employee resource groups (ERGs) are dynamic, confidential spaces where employees connect, share diverse perspectives, and actively engage in initiatives that enrich both our community and the wider world.

  • Access abilities

    Unites caregivers and employees with disabilities in advocating for superior accessibility and empowerment, ensuring an inclusive environment for all.

  • API

    Celebrates and uplifts the voices of Asian and Pacific Islander colleagues, fostering a vibrant community committed to advocacy and empowerment.

  • Black@BMC

    Provides a dedicated space for employees of Black, African American, West Indian, and African descent to empower and advocate for equity, enriching our corporate culture.

  • Mindfulness

    Offers programs to enhance personal resilience and stress management through targeted mindfulness workshops, helping employees achieve mental clarity and wellness.

  • Interfaith

    Builds a respectful and inclusive workplace that honors diverse beliefs, fostering a culture of understanding and mutual respect.

  • LatinE

    Serves as a vibrant platform for celebrating and advocating the interests and culture of Hispanic and LatinE employees, enhancing community ties and cultural recognition.

  • OneEarth

    Drives BMC's commitment to sustainability, spearheading initiatives that impact both our internal community and the global environment.

  • Pride

    Champions LGBTQIA+ inclusion, ensuring that diversity and allyship are central to our culture, which allows everyone to express their authentic selves.

  • Veterans

    Provides robust support to veterans, military families, and their allies, offering resources and fostering a strong, supportive network across various nations, enhancing community ties and support.

  • WIT&B (Women in technology & business)

    Empowers women in technology and business through comprehensive mentorship, skill-building workshops, and community initiatives, focusing on advancing professional development and fostering educational opportunities within and beyond BMC.


Digital democratization


The BMC Cares mission is to inspire and empower the BMC ecosystem to invest in people and enrich communities across the globe through digital literacy, digital accessibility, and technological innovations to create an Autonomous Digital Enterprise that includes everyone and advances a more equitable world

BMC Cares supports BMC employees and our global ecosystem by thinking globally and acting locally and includes the following measures:

  • Employee relief fund

    The BMC Cares Disaster Relief Fund provides short-term assistance to help bridge the financial gap by assisting employees experiencing significant financial hardship as a result of a natural disaster, family emergency, or other unexpected events. This fund is administered by E4E Relief, an organization that specializes in helping companies administer employee relief programs.

  • Volunteering

    Volunteer time off (VTO) is our way of empowering employees to make a difference. Annually, we collectively observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day across the globe as an International Day of Service. Additionally, we offer our employees an additional day in which they can choose to volunteer for any project or cause they desire.

  • Donation drives and matching campaigns

    BMC actively supports charitable programs and humanitarian efforts through targeted employee matching campaigns and ecosystem donation drives, establishing sustainable projects globally that align with our mission. Our partnerships with organizations around the world enable us to make a positive impact on those in need.

  • Season of Giving program

    Each year, our "Season of Giving" initiative extends holiday cheer to our clients and makes a significant global impact by funding 100,000 meals through the GlobalGiving platform, embodying our ethos of community support and generosity.

  • DEI observances

    In alignment with our diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program, we contribute monthly to a selected charity that corresponds with that month's specific observance, making a donation for every course completion of a LinkedIn Learning related to the observance.

  • Events

    BMC Cares works across the BMC ecosystem to curate and facilitate events virtually and locally to support our non-governmental organization (NGO) partners, from backpack building to mobile device drives. 

Digital Democratization

Sustainable transformation


We are steadfast in our commitment to achieve net-zero value chain emissions by 2030, aligning with science-based targets to significantly reduce our environmental impact. Our approach is comprehensive, focusing on reducing our carbon footprint, protecting endangered species’ habitats, generating local employment opportunities, and fostering a sense of purpose and responsibility across our ecosystem. We are turning our environmental goals into actionable realities by:

  • Aligning with Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) validated greenhouse gas emissions reduction and the net-zero targets of Business Ambition for 1.5° C 
  • Attaining membership in the UN Global Compact 
  • Submitting and disclosing emissions and net-zero carbon goals to CDP 
  • Joining the CDP Supply Chain Program to drive supply chain accountability and action 
  • Achieving Global Accreditation for ISO 14001:2015 
  • Pursuing ISO 50001:2018 Global Accreditation
  • Training our global procurement buyers on circularity and sustainable and ethical purchasing 
  • Segmenting BMC’s material offices to reduce Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions. 
  • Focusing on ethical IT asset disposal and circularity initiatives in our supply chain 
  • Reducing travel impact by managing carbon footprint of physical travel and leveraging collaborative technologies 
  • Preventing and reducing pollution by actively converting energy sources to renewables
  • Reducing energy consumption by upgrading office equipment and fixtures
  • Recycling equipment, waste products, and redundant items
  • Using, storing, controlling, and disposing of waste properly
  • Dedicating every April to observe Climate Action Month via a 30-day sustainable living challenge
  • Training our development team in software eco-design principles that reduce the energy consumption of our products.
  • Developing ESG frameworks for our SaaS solutions, BMC Helix Continuous Optimization, and Control-M 
  • Providing tailored support for customer sustainability initiatives through our technology stack.
  • Planting 133,157+ trees globally In collaboration with Reforest’Action, Karve, Iracambi, and OneTreePlanted
  • Removing over 2,449 kgs of debris and microplastics and filtering more than 646 million liters of water through a relationship with Seabin™
  • Establishing mandatory and recommended employee sustainability training

Transitioning to a net-zero emissions economy requires collaborative efforts across all sectors, underpinned by supportive policy frameworks. BMC is committed to advocating for policies that align with a 1.5° C future in the countries where we operate and exert influence.

Ethical tech

At BMC, we take pride in collaborating closely with our customers and industry partners, as a trusted technology ally, distinguished by our ongoing commitment to data privacy, ethical artificial intelligence (AI) practices, and sustainable eco-design principles. Our work across various industries provides a unique opportunity to make a meaningful impact, which is integral to our comprehensive ESG strategy.

Our dedication to technology is paralleled by our commitment to social responsibility, underscored by our decade-long annual submissions to EcoVadis and our proactive efforts as a sustainable supplier. 

For further details on our endeavors, explore these resources:

Ethical Tech