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Real Enterprise Users Weigh In: Control-M Ranked #1 WLA Product on IT Central Station

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Zisse Hanfling Mueller

At IT Central Station, we spend our time reaching out to our tech professionals to hear their insight and personal experiences with the enterprise technology they use. Dubbed as “The Yelp of Enterprise Technology” by the Wall Street Journal, we at IT Central Station have created a triple-authentication process to ensure that our product reviews only come from authentic users without vendor bias. Recently, we have collected on our platform a number of Control-M reviews, which our community has consistently ranked as the top ranked workload automation solution.

While exploring these reviews we found that Control-M customers often had similar things to say about their positive experiences with the product. In this post, we highlight three of these top benefits covered in Control-M’s user reviews, which we hope contributes to tech professionals’ market research efforts and helps them make more informed buying decisions.

Application Workflow Orchestration

Control-M’s application workflow orchestration capabilities are popular benefits that have been consistently talked about on IT Central Station’s platform:

“Ninety percent or more of the batch processing is now centralized into a single scheduling platform. This helps the support teams so that they only need to go to one group for scheduling and monitoring the batch processing. The operations support staff only has one platform where they can monitor almost all of our batch processing.” – Master Scheduler at a tech company

“Previous scheduling solutions were platform specific, so when the overnight batch processes crossed between technologies, manual intervention was required. This was time costly and meant that it was not possible to get an overall picture of the flow/progress….Control-M has a huge number of features and utilities that assist users in monitoring their schedules, and developers to build schedules that interface with many technologies.” – Dean T., Control-M Developer

Control-M Batch Impact Manager

Ours users highlight in their Control-M Batch Impact Manager added particular value to their companies:

“Offers a single pane of glass to our enterprise batch\workload automation environment. Allows us to empower business users to execute their own processes on demand through Self Service. We’re able to proactively predict system availability thanks to BIM. Our 24/7 staff have all the right utilities to monitor and manage the schedule.” – Jim M., Workload Automation Wizard at a insurance company

“Self Service, BIM features are most valuable. As no need to login to EM client and check the job status. From anywhere we can login to self service portal and validate the process status.” – Ram L., Senior Technical Consultant at a financial services firm


Control-M’s stability is another prominent attribute that comes up frequently in our user reviews:

“My clients are happy; the comment that gets repeated is, ‘Control-M is a very stable tool’. We have not encountered any stability issues. BMC Control-M is very stable in any version.” – Oscar O., Business Service Management Architect at a tech consulting company

“If you do have an unlimited budget, or budget is not the main concern, and you want stability then I would say go for this. It’s easy to use, it’s easy to install, it’s easy to run, it’s easy to operate…It’s very stable. We are not experiencing instability or crashes. These are mature products.” – Head of IT Procurement at a renewables & environment company

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