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Is Capacity Management a Weak Link in Your Environment?

Stephanie Grubbs
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Stephanie Grubbs

Learn to optimize your mainframe capacity despite time and staffing obstacles

Capacity management has changed over the last 15 years. IBM is continually rolling out new capacity options, new mainframes, and new pricing models – all to provide more flexibility on running mainframe workloads. However, you are likely finding that your staff has less institutional knowledge of capacity planning and less time to commit to this highly skilled role. They are also likely struggling against the increased complexity of mainframe environments. Capacity planning is taking a back seat and non-optimized capacity choices lead to unexpected costs and slowdowns or outages.

In the mainframe, organizations already have the most powerful, stable, secure, and cost-effective computing platform available. However, it needs to be modernized to keep up with the changing workforce and increasing complexity of your mainframe environment. This means making processes like capacity management more automated and intelligent, easier to manage, and less expensive. Smarter capacity management will also help mitigate the loss of expertise from a retiring workforce by enabling organizations to become more efficient in dealing with capacity issues.

Join capacity management expert Jay Lipovich for an IBM Systems Media Webinar on November 6th at 1:00 PM EST. We will discuss the complexities facing capacity management on the mainframe today and ways to optimize your processes despite these obstacles.

  1. Learn how to easily and rapidly analyze large amounts of data to ensure a well-tuned system for high performance
  2. Understand how to build a compelling business case for your decision makers to drive capacity investment
  3. Optimize your capacity while battling obstacles like less time, less staff experience, and more complexity

Don’t let your capacity management be the weak link in your environment. Register today!

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Stephanie Grubbs

Stephanie Grubbs

Stephanie Grubbs is the Solutions Marketing Manager for BMC Software’s mainframe cost optimization offerings. Stephanie has over 7 years of experience in software consulting, program management, and marketing.