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Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping

Find IT. Manage IT.

You can't manage what you can't see. BMC Atrium Discovery and Dependency Mapping delivers actionable data center information in the shortest time, so your team can make better business decisions.

Improve IT efficiency and reduce costs

Atrium Discovery automatically discovers data center assets and how they're connected to provide IT staff with accurate and timely data to make better business decisions. Having the right data at the right time improves staff productivity and IT processes like change management, cloud planning, asset management, data center compliance, and business continuity.

Link business services to infrastructure

Application dependency mapping is a critical step toward effective service management, providing the link between business services, applications, and the supporting infrastructure. Decisions on IT priorities and investments are better managed when related to the business value of the services they support. With Atrium Discovery, you'll get a clear picture of how your data center infrastructure supports business services.

Get useful information within hours

For Atrium Discovery, time to value is the name of the game. Delivered as a ready-to-run virtual appliance—with agentless discovery and broad coverage of operating systems, virtual platforms, and enterprise software—Atrium Discovery delivers out-of-the-box data center discovery in just hours.

Tailor discovery to suit your needs

Highly flexible, Atrium Discovery is easy to fine-tune and extend to meet the needs of your organization. Discover additional attributes, custom software, and uncommon SNMP devices like UPS, KVM switches, security cameras and more. Big Discovery—released in v10—is our new appliance clustering technology. With Big Discovery, you can discover more data in a shorter scan window and there are no scale limits for the largest data centers.

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The lack of visibility into the
IT landscape often leads to increased operational costs
as well as reduced productivity
for both IT staff and business
users alike.

—Robert Young, Research Manager
Client Device and IT Service Management, IDC

Real customers, real success

Telecom New Zealand trusts Atrium Discovery to ensure accuracy of their CMDB.

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See why BMC is the market leader

Big Discovery

Deliver a fresh view of your data center as often as you need with no speed or scale limits. Our new Big Discovery appliance clustering technology is simple to configure and manage. It provides extreme scale for the largest data centers—yet at a low cost.

Collaborative Application Mapping

With just a small amount of basic information from application owners, you'll be able to plug this data into Atrium Discovery's collaborative application mapping UI to quickly map applications. The resulting application map is automatically updated when changes occur in the IT environment.

Robust Search and Analytics

Slice, dice, and analyze the data right in the UI. Out-of-the-box dashboards and reports answer common data center questions. Powerful Google-like search quickly locates information with a just few keywords or phrases.

Data Provenance

Provenance provides full transparency into how the data was discovered—the command that was executed, the output of the command, and the timestamp when it happened. No searching through log files—all this information is available in the UI.

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The new virtual appliance clustering capabilities in the v10 release allow IT organizations to reduce scanning timeframes and infrastructure costs commonly associated with hardware and software data collection across dynamic and heterogeneous IT environments.

—Robert Young, Research Manager
Client Device and IT Service Management, IDC

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